05 September 2007

School, apples, Rush

Busy, busy. School's going well, and fast, too! Lots of little assignments and projects for classes; Planning rush week activities; lunch/dinner meetings to attend - Fun all around!
Work has been nice - I finally feel like I'm at a point of understanding and competence that I can actually help people without feeling too anxious about it. I've figured out who to go to for what and when, especially why... Lovely!
More apple picking at Grandmum's this last weekend followed by a flurry of apple crisp baking with Mum. We turned out 12 pie-pan sized crisps in one afternoon!!! Don't we rock? Like rockstars? Woohoo! One bushel down, 5 to go...
Remember the MDA Golf Tournament my frat Kappa Psi did last spring (See post on 4/30/07)? Well, we finally got to present the MDA with the check from that Sunday night during their annual
Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon live on tv. We, 3 brothers and I, were on with 2 local newscasters for about 2.5 seconds around 1am Monday morning. Such a glamourous life I lead... But it was fun and benefits a great cause so driving a golf cart all day last spring and staying up that late this last weekend were totally worth it.
Rush is fast approaching... just a little over a week and a half away! I'm still mostly excited; It's hard maintaining constant enthusiasm for such a trivial event in the grand scheme of things... But ours will be great and entirely enjoyable! [All without breaking the rules or covering our butts for stepping over the line once too often... Or being totally whiny about issues that noone at our school has any control over... Please don't think I'm talking about anyone in particular ...] We'll be filming our fun video soon so YAY! And ordering food, reserving rooms, decorating, etc, etc... Much more fun than studying...
Great State Fair of Oklahoma is coming up soon - Sept 13-23 - Get Excited!!!


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