06 August 2007

Life can be scary

Ever been walking along, high on life, enjoying being so totally awesome that it would be sickening if you weren't so into it when all of a sudden, out of the blue, and completely by surprise you get hit upside the head, step in It ankle-deep, and are thrown totally into a situation you can't handle, don't understand, and that scares you silly???
Yeah, me neither.
But sometimes at work I get a call that is just a little bewildering, that tosses me off guard, and makes me a little frightened for that person because I know if that were me in that situation, well, it wouldn't be a pretty sight. It's easy to show a tough, strong exterior to the world when you know it all and can hide behind books but real life is so much more complicated and deep.
This life thing is crazy, huh?


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