26 June 2007

Rainy Outlook...

It's raining like crazy around here... Float trip scheduled for this next weekend has been canceled, sadly enough. Water is just too darn high to trust.
Had a good weekend, despite the rainy weather. Skronky was sick with some sort of GI thing that left him miserable and tired so I took care of m'boy with some fluids, toast, and a movie (Music and Lyrics - highly recommended for light comedy/romance type of flick). Felt better the next day so we enjoyed the cook out at his sisters as well as the parade (the um, gay pride parade, yes, that one. Um, no, no we're not, of course. It was funny and parade-y so yeah, enjoyed it). Skronky's nephew was the star of the backyard, dancing to the music and being passed around to everyone. He's just a cutie (not unlike his uncle...).
Apparently the name "The Mist" is funny... who knew?
Okay back to thinking...


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