29 June 2005


So... Where to begin? We're at Wednesday once again. Woohoo!!!
I worked this morning. Rather unevenful. Have begun packing to move stuff back home from apartment. Kinda a sad happening and not fun to prepare for. Yuck.
I'm listening to Nightwish's Over the Hills and Far Away... And it's pretty much cracking me up right now. It's a great song but I'm just in that mood where everything is pretty darn funny. Thanks to Galen for sharing this wonderfulness with moi.
Oh wow. I just remembered. The respiratory therapist today at work. He said to me, in the most monotone voice I've ever heard, "Wow. (pause) You look cute today." Is that a compliment or a diss? I think the former. But it made me laugh anyway. Whatever. Good times.
Mum had a hilarious dream that I, kinda, starred in. I'd tell ya'll but I think I need permission first. It was so funny that we were both laughing hysterically with tears streaming down our respective faces. Not that it takes anything very funny for that but this was good. See, now I've hyped it up so much that if I do ever post it you're going to think we're crazy. Sure. My dreams aren't as funny as they used to be. That or I just can't remember them as well. I still wake up laughing/smiling sometimes so maybe it's just my memory that's on crack.
Hey!!! I heard a song on the radio by one of my friends!!!! His band, Radial Angel, had a song playing on the Christian station (90.9 FM) here in Okieland. I was cruisin' along on my way home from work and starting thinking the song playing sounded really familiar... And then they said the band name and I was like, "whoa! I did know that song!"
Guess that's it for now. Didn't say half of what I'd like to but my thoughts are all jumbled and not worth repeating yet. So ciao!
"Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room." -Winston Churchill

28 June 2005

Re: FAQ list...

I've posted this list before but here it is again with most of the answers changed and hopefully bettered. Maybe. Muhahahahaha....

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? ~Just one? Why, this one time I saw a whole flock of swallows....
What would you do for a Klondike® Bar? ~ Just a single Klondike Bar? Hmm... That's personal... Well the most I'll admit to is... Urgh... I can't admit anything here... It could probably be used against me in a (basketball) court of law-yers or some such bunk.
How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? ~How about you go ask that silly-arse owl who just eats it anyway? I don't really even like those things... (especially not the grape ones. Yuck!) I do like the strawberry ones though. They're not as bad as the rest.
I thought your hair was red/blonde?~ I'll give you this one since my hair has indeed semi-recently been several shades of red, purple/black, and lighter-than-my-natural brown. But I've never actually gone blonde. Sorry. Maybe in another life.
While we're discussing my physical attributes, my eyes really are blue even if they do tend to turn red in camera flashes. (No, I'm not possessed by a minor devil. Hardly...)
I heard a rumor... ~ I've been the subject of multiple rumors in recent years, with varying degrees of veracity. Half the lies they tell about me aren't close to true. Which half? Well, that's the hard part. "I'll never tell." I've gotten to the point in my ego where I enjoy hearing the rumors about myself as much as everyone else does. Want to make me happy? Start one for me... it's getting tiring starting them all myself... lol
Wow! Did you know your hair is really long?~ Really? Is that what that is? Crikey! Thanks mate!
Do you really have a thing for blondes? ~I don't think so. Do I? I don't think I have any hair biases at all. (Well, other than extreme mullets. Really. Have to draw the line somewhere.)
Do you work here? ~Crikey! Do you see a cheesy name tag/badge?? No, because I don't work here! Just because I'm college age and wearing a nice shirt does NOT mean I work here. And you might reconsider those shoes. Ewww. Enough said.
Have you found Jesus? ~Is he missing again? No, seriously. I have. I'll let him know you're looking for him when I talk to him tonight...
What is the meaning of life? ~Why does everything need meaning? Maybe we're just supposed to have fun and help each other.
Why do you make up names for some of your friends but not others? ~Well, originally it was for fun but it got hard... so I don't anymore... bad enough I have to remember the old ones so I don't blow anyone's cover... Also, why should I make up names? Nicknames are totally overrated, right?
Do you know you look just like Lindsay Lohan? ~No. I don't. Can you feel the lasers from my eyes liquifying your brain?
Well, how about Rose McGowan? ~Whatever. You're just looking for someone to stalk.
What are you studying at school? ~Still working on this darn Pre-pharm junk... don't know if I'll stick with it forever but it works for now anyway.
What's going on between you and that guy? ~No comment. I'd like to keep that a secret but... Will you ask him for me? I'll save your place in the lunch line... And while you're at it, ask his friend too, okay? Save me a trip later.
Do you come here often? ~Heck yeah! I update all the time. But if you just wanted to buy me a drink better keep moving on...
What's your marital status? ~Why? I've never been married, though I guess I came kinda close that once. It wouldn't have worked out in the long run... Being a mail-order bride only works if you're from some foreign country apparently. Gee, I should have found that out first.
Who are/were your heroes?~ Other than Mum I'd have to say... I admire: Wonder Woman, Condi Rice, Gil Grisholm, Muja Star, Ducky, and Shavonda, Lonnie Hamilton, Julia Roberts, Ayn Rand, etc...
Have you ever been drunk? ~No.
Do you smoke? ~ No and never will. You can if you want to but please don't expect me to be sympathetic when you get lung cancer or any of the other lovely problems associated with such habits. I'll visit ya at the hospital and maybe bring flowers but no sympathy.
Do you, like, get high and stuff? ~No. Duh. Do ya remember? I work at a hospital and have to see what happens when people decide to do that kind of crap.
Pepsi or Coke? ~ Well, I would rather have Dr. Pepper but if have only those two inferior substitutes...
I honestly don't care since I don't really drink pop.
Burger King or McDonald's? ~Once would have said McD's but am rather a BK convert after living in the dorms last year with the BK downstairs... that was so nice....
Mac or PC? ~PC... and that's a stupid question to ask me.
Boxers or briefs? ~Well I, personally, wear girl underwear. Not that it's any of your business. I think I like fellows who wear boxers but I don't really have a clue there.
Half-full or half-empty? ~Half-full. Who completely fills their cup anyway? You'd end up spilling it...especially if it has the potential for staining something important or valuable.
Cats or dogs? ~Dogs I think. I love Chaco. Cats are cool and all but I think I'll stick with dogs.

What is your favorite...? I don't enjoy answering 'favorite' questions. Maybe it's the rebel in me but I can't pick one favorite band/car/song/place to die/etc. However, for the curious, here is somewhat of a list:
Bands/artists: Queen, Eagles, Maroon 5, the Darkness, Hit the Lights, Hydraulic Sandwich, Relient K...
Songs: "She Will Be Loved" Maroon 5; "You're So Vain" Carly Simon; "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner" Fall Out Boy; "Not Beautiful" Radial Angel;
Movies: "Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail"; "Princess Bride"; all the Indiana Jones movies; "The Labyrinth"; "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"; "Love Me if You Dare";
Books: "Surprised by Joy" ~ CS Lewis; "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand
Alcoholic drinks: Coke and rum, miscato wine? Hard to have favs when I'm not technically legal yet...
Dwarves: Happy and Grumpy
Video games: Blinx, Splinter Cell, Fable, and Sims
Fruits: Cherry, Apple, Grapes, Queen...
Comic strips: "Dilbert," "Non sequitur"
Color: Blue or red... (and, of course, crimson and cream)
How's the school thing coming along?~ It's there. Another year at OU is looking so fun
What is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything? ~Your mother
Are you for real? ~ Yes. I don't say everything I think/know but those things I do write are true or are true for me to the best of my knowledge. Not gonna lie...
Are you unbreakable? ~Nope. I've never broken a bone but I have suffered my share of injuries (amazingly when you run a bike into a parked car you don't tend to hurt much other than your pride...). If you mean unbreakable in the mental sense I'd pretty much have to say yes, I think so. lol So full of myself.
Will you ever lighten up? ~Lighten up what? My skin is bright white, I laugh too much already, and my weight is just about right. Not much else left to lighten up.
Why do you use the word Crikey so much?~ It's better than cursing? I think that's why. And it fills the void for a word to use when you have nothing else to say that would convey the same feeling, ya know?
I've heard you don't sleep much? ~Yeah, well...the college life kinda does that to me... Even though it's summer I'm still trying to keep up with work and friends and sometimes sleep gets left out of the equation... Oh well, it's working.
Where are you going? ~To the moon unless you get sent there first. Maybe Florida just for funsies.
Have you ever been in love? ~Nope. Not unless you count with myself.
What's your sign? ~ (Flips the bird... no, just kidding) Taurus. I'm a Taurus born in the Year of the Ox. Think they're trying to tell me something??
Do we have a tarp? ~No, we don't have any extras... Just have to wrap 'em up in a sheet or something. Julia, how are we moving all of them???
Are we there yet? ~ No, we're not! Just like we weren't 2 seconds ago... You're hitchhiking the rest of the way... best of luck kiddo...
Will you marry me? ~No. Who are you???
Does anybody know what time it is? ~No. Central Standard Time. Boowah.
Can you hear me now? ~I wish you weren't a liar.
What are you doing? ~Um... I was just crawling under the coffee table to see what it looked like. That's all. It's fun, really!!!
What do you want for dinner tonight? ~Crikey. I donno. Let's just go get some Starbuck's coffee and think about it on the way there???
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? ~Is this a hint that you think I'm imperfect? WTF??? I wouldn't change a thing. Muhahahahahaha!!!
Would you like fries with that? ~No.
If you were a lipstick what color would you be? ~Dad. Seriously. I'm tired of this game. lol Some shade of red, I'm sure.

25 June 2005

I never realized....

I was just recently enlightened with the fact that almost all of my really good/best friends past and present are either 3rd children or at least not 1st/only. Weird huh? Dawn, Lynsey, Alicia, Julia, and my mum... they're all 3rd children!!! I had never thought of it before and thus am amazed. (Oh, by the way, I'm a 1st of course.) (Most of Dork's friends that I can think of are either 1sts or onlys... guess it makes sense)
I don't think I mentioned it earlier but I went to a wedding last Saturday with Mum. The bride was a girl from our church who's a few years older than I am. The ceremony was at our church in the afternoon and quite pretty. Really, it was the closest to what I want that I've seen in real life (or even in fake life, haha). I'd have had more flowers and the bridesmaids wouldn't have been in purple but other than that it was just about right. Only lasted about maybe a half hour at most. I didn't go to the reception... Congrats to Kelli and Jon!!!
Well, I think that's all for now...
"A divine person is the prophecy of the mind; a friend is the hope of the heart. Our beatitude waits for the fulfilment of these two in one." -Emerson

23 June 2005

Not quite "killing" time

June 15th was my blog's 1 year birthday. Awesome, huh? Too bad I forgot until now...
Typing this at work (but not on the clock, for anyone who's keeping track). Their site filter here is even better than that sad little one they had on our computers in HS... It blocks all email sites! So I was surprised when it let me come here, go so far as to log in, and write a post. Woohoo! Way to filter out the craziness, cha?
Not a ton going on in the world of Mist but what's new? How are you?
Yes Dork, the Undergarment Gnomes are responsible for breaking my truck. So right you are. How did you know that inside the truck's starter is where I delight in storing my skivvies? Because it is just such an easy place to reach them on short notice. Who wouldn't store their shorts in the middle of a truck engine? lol
I've been so spoiled this week. Not having to work for five days in a row does that to a gal. But I did get a little bit of cabin fever (though, strangely, I do not live in or near a cabin) and got to the point where the kitchen was clean, the bathrooms were decent, and the carpets downstairs were freshly vacuumed. Insanity.
I think I'll be heading toward the apartment soon. Need to start moving my stuff out so I don't have to do it all in one day, which would be just sickening. Or something like that.
Guess I don't have much to say. Happy Thursday ya'll!!!

"Purge now! Don't wait!" ~From a memo on getting rid of old equipment,etc...
sounds fun though, right?

22 June 2005

Truck is home!!!!

Yeah... Wednesday...
I was supposed to work a double today. They didn't need me so I'm not at work. Funny how that works, huh?
My truck decided Sunday night it did not quite like that whole starting and moving thing anymore so it didn't. Start or move. Which was terribly convient considering I was at the tennis courts with Dork and it was very dark outside. Also many friendly bugs were there. Nothing doin' though, truck did not wish to leave quietly. Thus pretty white truck spent Monday, Tuesday, and this morning at the vehicle-fixing-place for vehicles-that-seem-to-be-sick. Now is fixed/conviced that starting is good and nice. I am very happy about this. The being fixed and running part. Much rejoicing will/has occurr/ed.
Ya know that shirt I was making?? Well, I finished it. And it is pretty. Also it is much too big for me to actually wear. As in really doesn't fit very well at all. Eh. At least it kept me occupied for a little while, right?
Ya know how I mentioned that I didn't make it into pharm school this year? It seems everyone else around me thinks I'm taking this much harder than I am. It really doesn't bother me. True that I am disappointed but really only with myself and the system the school uses. Mostly myself. But that's how I've always been. I didn't cry about it nor have I decided to adopt a dozen cats or anything equally as "interesting". I'm happy living life so why would I let one little setback ruin my day/week? Anyway, this is just to let everyone know I'm doing fine. So don't worry or freak out for me, ok? lol
Dad trimmed my hair for me this morning. He only took off about an inch but I can still feel the difference. Weird, huh? I don't know if I mentioned it but Dork's hair looks pretty good with the tips done. Looks even more like a 'prep' now than ever before but I still love ya bro! (muhahahaha!)
Ok, well... Love and laughter to ya'll. Call me if you get bored or need to hear more of my rambling! ~M

20 June 2005


Hey kiddos! I know how much you all were looking forward to visiting me at Pharmacy College this year but you'll have to put those plans aside for a while now. I'm not in for this semester. Just finally found out Friday.
Update more later. Have junk to take care of. Love and have a good week!

16 June 2005

The happenings can be hard...

14 June 2005

Flag Day Funness

Been awhile, eh? Today is my grandmum's birthday. Also Flag Day.
Started my shirt that is similar to Julia's. Turns out we didn't break her mom's machine. We were just too stupid to realize that the footfeed only works when the sewing light is on. Duh. I'm still just shocked that we didn't think of that one sooner. Not like we're just starting home ec. and in 6th grade or anything. Goodness.
Finally saw that movie Spangish last night. Pretty darn wonderful movie. I would recommend it.
Had my most frustrating patient ever at work yesterday. Suffice to say that I would never physically or verbally assault a patient, especially one that is mentally ill, but that this particular fellow made me slightly wish I didn't have such good moral values and self control. Grrr... How can anyone be so manipulative and verbally abusive of their own parents and caretakers? I understand that when one is in pain patience isn't easy. Does it really call for straight out violence? Effing A. Anyway. Just thought I'd share.
Guess I'll get some sleep. Good night!!!
"The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they're going to be when you kill them."~William Clayton

11 June 2005

Yes, it's great

Gracious. The only bad thing I've discovered about having a public blog (that is sometimes read by people I know) is that I have to censure myself to keep from saying too much. I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling and if I said all the things I think, I'm sure I would piss at least a few people off if not just flat out win myself some enemies. Not that I'm inhumanly cruel and evil. I just think things sometimes that aren't nice. True maybe but not necessarily nice. Oh well. Maybe I'll start ANOTHER blog for the mean stuff. Probably not. Mean-though-true stuff is best left to just being thought if anything. If I ever say anything that offends you, let me know and I'll try to make it up to ya.
Same with relationship/dating stuff. I'd hate for a guy to blab all about me if we aren't even serious. But some of that junk is just so funny. It's hard to be nice and not talk about it. Guys are hilarious. Not that I'm not weird and quirky myself but I figure I'm here to entertain myself/other people and if they don't like it they can choose to not hang out with me, right? Unless they're masochists I guess. Wouldn't that be weird? To be a masochist? Can't say it would be fun but that's the point right? It's ironic anyway. Funny ironic.
I spent all day at work yesterday with a nice 22yo gay fellow. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't flaming. I didn't know he was for sure for most of the day but I figured it out after a while since he flirted with me like I was his sister or something and he didn't act as macho/modest/quiet as most guys I know. He was really nice. Didn't truly need me to be there but the hospital was covering its butt just in case so we just chilled out all day, watching tv, walking up & down the hall, and talking. Almost didn't even seem like work. Then one of his friends showed up and I knew for sure they were both of that persuasion. (His friend was very much more effeminate. Funny since he's the one who is in the military. Don't ask, don't tell indeed.) (Okay, and they're not together. I just realized that's what it sounded like. They're just good friends. Not like it matters but I'd hate to give the wrong impression.) Anyway, we had a good time and the sixteen hours I spent at work were nice for once. I could easily be a "fag hag". No doubt they have better fashion sense than I. lol
I'm back at the apartment. Power went off this morning for about two hours. Good times. So I showered and did my makeup as best I could with very little light. Now I'm just gorgeous. Right. I don't really have anything planned for today so I'm pretty much just going with whatever whim suits me at the minute. Now that I think about it, that's what I do all the time anyway. Whatever.
Sunny outside right now. Pretty. Strange though that there isn't really much of anyone out on the golf course today. You'd think that on a day this beautiful they'd be swarming all over the place. I should go play at the park...
Dork got his hair tipped yesterday. Go check out his xanga and see. I still haven't seen it in person yet but it'll last for a while so I'm not too worried about it. Along that vein, I've gotten lots of compliments on my still-lightly-tinted-red hair color. And when I used the temp stuff got pretty nice remarks too. So maybe I should make it a little more permanent? My only real qualm with going red all the time is that I'm not the kind of girl that would keep up with my roots very well so I would end up looking really tacky in just a few weeks. It would take forever to grow out completely with my hair as long as it is. I may have soliliquized on this topic before and, if so, please forgive me. I don't have many serious things to consider right now so my mind strays to silly topics.
I just heard from DJ that Joey, his cat, got ran over. Isn't that sad? Herc seems to be taking it well though, thank goodness. DJ himself is away in... Newfoundland? I'm not sure. Somewhere that they talk funny anyway. Just got back from Germany and said he'd be heading off to Puerto Rico soon too. Isn't that rough? Boy, I'd hate to have to see the world. (If I didn't mention it some other time he's in the Air Force and spends his summers doing AF stuff.) Fun huh?
Guess I should get off my butt and get something done. Happy Saturday!!!
“You need someone to love while you’re looking for someone to love.” –Shelagh Delaney

07 June 2005

Family times

Been home a few days. Always a good time, cha?
Visited the grandmum yesterday. Now have a lovely sewing machine all my very own. And I feel special. Thank you Grandma.
She's a hoot though. If I start acting like her I would appreciate someone telling me. Sure signs: Collecting figurines and pictures of yard fowl (ie chickens); talking town gossip on the phone nonstop to people I barely know; planting things and immediately forgetting the real name of the plant in favor of a made up name that no one else has ever heard of; taking trips to the store that involve visiting at least 3 relatives with 2-5 acquaintances on the way optional; giving advice that makes no sense and often turns out to be the opposite of sensible; repeating tips from the evening news meant to scare young relatives into good behavior; buying used clothing at garage sales 3 sizes too big for kids who have no intention of wearing aforementioned garments. These are just a few of the eccentricies I plan on acquiring eventually. Listening to Dolly Parton regularly just doesn't seem to be possible nor does basing my entire political views on Southern Democratic platforms from the 1970's (I doubt I will ever get misty-eyed when talking about JFK and Jackie). I don't see those happening but I suppose I could try. A few that would probably be a good idea to actively avoid would using ethnically derogative slang terms (she's better than MTV sometimes at introducing me to new words) and wearing shoes that are at the least a size too small. But that's just a personal opinion. I love my grandmum. She makes me laugh. And she feeds me. Woo for Grandma!!!
So I guess I'm cheating by writing about someone who will never read what I write about them. Is that unfair? Oh well. You call her and tell her what I've said. I'll apologize if any of it was erroneous.
My cat is chilling out in my little rocking chair next to me. I'm sitting in my bedroom at my parent's house. Rocking out the wireless internet that Dad just perfected. He's awesome by the way. Mum, I've almost managed to use up all of your coffee creamer. Yum.
Dork is away at the hospital today at orientation for Volunteens. Yes, same hospital that Mum and I work at. Volunteens is a program that allows troubled teens from the biblebelt suburbs to interact in constructive activities with each other in a controlled environment... Or maybe it's really just a program that has highly motivated teenagers volunteering at the children's hospital (helping deliver flowers, answer phones, etc). Whatever. Same thing. Can you tell that I personally benefited from the program when I was a youngin'? Two years of mayhem and I'm still alright. Right?
If ya can't tell I'm just rambling. Cat still sitting here.
I got to see my aunt and uncle's new house. It's very green inside. Old people owned it before so it has lots of artificial flowers and funny little carved pineapple decorations. Cracked me up. And there's this little shed thing in the backyard that reminds me of either a gatehouse to a creepy mansion or a mausoleum in a cemetery. There's a little brass lion knocker on its door and I just expect it to one day come to life and scare the beejeese outta me. But it's a great house and I hope they like it as much as I do. My aunt's birthday was yesterday and they came over to visit while I'm home. They're pretty much my favorite relatives outside my nuclear family unit, if favorites are even possible in such a fairytale family as mine. Such a hoot. I convinced my aunt, uncle, Mum, and Dad to all wear hats as we talked in the living room. Wow. They really did it. I must be truly loved for them to humor me so much. lol
I think that's enough for now. Tootles.
"What ARE you doing???"
"A word warm from the heart enriches me." -Emerson

02 June 2005

Sniffling is sexy

Happy Thursday!!!
I'm sitting here wishing my laundry knew how to fold and put its self away properly. Instead it just sits on the floor laughing at my feeble attempts to get it finished when it very well knows I'd rather finish conversations with my friends via IM's. The socks are the worst. They're the bad apples of the whole lot, making things worse since I just dread folding socks. Not that I do it all fancy. No. I just fold the top of one over the top of its mate so I can find a nice matching pair when I'm frantically running late in the mornings.
Not that I ever do that. Run late, I mean. Never. Not me.
We, Julia and I, finished her top that we had started a few days ago. But. When we were about to start sewing mine the sewing machine pedal thing decided it was tired. It slipped into a coma and is still in critical condition. Needless to say, my top is nowhere nearer being done than it was when the machine died. It's going to be pretty though. Silverish colored. Julia's is greenish. We're going to take a picture together with our pretty tops on and I'll post it on here for sure.
Rumor-that-has-been-confirmed: My N.O. brother Ryan has a gf!!! Woo and congrats! (Though I know I speak for all of your N.O. siblings in saying we miss you!!!! Norman is a sadder place w/o our Grand Poobah...)
Let's see... Since Friday I've worked a ton. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and today (Sunday was a double!! Sixteen hours straight at work makes me appreciate those nice days of classes...)
Julia and I have made several trips to Starbuck's. Rollerbladed on campus after dark. It was very nice. Pretty weather for it.
And I've gotten a summer cold.
I can't breath through my nose or smell a single thing and I've spent most of the day sneezing at the most inopportune times. Which is terribly convenient of course. I'm not sure whom I can blame this cold on... Dawn's brother (I've heard he's sick now)? Dork via Mum (she's always a carrier... lol)? Julia (though methinks I might have gotten her sick, not the other way around...)? Who knows? Not that I'm suffering. I'm just amazed at the hilarity of a summer cold. Everyone at work asks if I have allergies. Oh yeah, that's it... (Yes Dad, I've been drinking water. Gallons. And I have the local-grown honey covered as well. No, I haven't gargled saltwater yet. Putting that one off until I'm absolutely sure that I am dying.)
I STILL haven't heard from pharm school yet. It's June now folks. Seriously.
Rudeness. Making. Me. Mad.
I temporarily dyed my hair red again, though a brighter red than last time. I liked it. Got lots of compliments too. Causes me to momentairily consider making it permanent... but then I come back to earth and realize that I don't have the patience to keep it looking good/hide the roots all the time.
*~*The following is a dream I had and thus not really worth reading unless you're bored*~*
I had a weird dream "the other night" (I can't remember exactly which night, just recently. That's what the quotation marks are for... duh lol). I was with several of my HS/OU classmates and we were working on some sort of charity/volunteer/mentoring project. Before we left to get supplies or whatever this guy in my class, who I respect and think very highly of, called me out in front of the whole group about my swearing. Apparently he thought I was being a bad influence on the rest of the group by using too many curse words. I dished it right back at him and let him know how disappointed I was in his leadership skills. I, personally, think I was wretchedly intimidating and witty but you know how dreams are. Well, then we all piled into cars and headed to Medicine Chest Pharmacy (this gifty-store in my hometown that happens to have a pharmacy in the back...) to get cards and flip flops for some little kids. That's about all I can remember. Weird though. Have no idea where this came from or why. Good times.
Well, Good Night and have sweet dreams. I'll think of you, you'll think of me... (that's from a song by Hydraulic Sandwich... makes me laugh to just type their name...) Love to ya'll!
“As he was valiant, I honour him. But as he was ambitious, I slew him.” -William Shakespeare in Julius Caesar