29 June 2005


So... Where to begin? We're at Wednesday once again. Woohoo!!!
I worked this morning. Rather unevenful. Have begun packing to move stuff back home from apartment. Kinda a sad happening and not fun to prepare for. Yuck.
I'm listening to Nightwish's Over the Hills and Far Away... And it's pretty much cracking me up right now. It's a great song but I'm just in that mood where everything is pretty darn funny. Thanks to Galen for sharing this wonderfulness with moi.
Oh wow. I just remembered. The respiratory therapist today at work. He said to me, in the most monotone voice I've ever heard, "Wow. (pause) You look cute today." Is that a compliment or a diss? I think the former. But it made me laugh anyway. Whatever. Good times.
Mum had a hilarious dream that I, kinda, starred in. I'd tell ya'll but I think I need permission first. It was so funny that we were both laughing hysterically with tears streaming down our respective faces. Not that it takes anything very funny for that but this was good. See, now I've hyped it up so much that if I do ever post it you're going to think we're crazy. Sure. My dreams aren't as funny as they used to be. That or I just can't remember them as well. I still wake up laughing/smiling sometimes so maybe it's just my memory that's on crack.
Hey!!! I heard a song on the radio by one of my friends!!!! His band, Radial Angel, had a song playing on the Christian station (90.9 FM) here in Okieland. I was cruisin' along on my way home from work and starting thinking the song playing sounded really familiar... And then they said the band name and I was like, "whoa! I did know that song!"
Guess that's it for now. Didn't say half of what I'd like to but my thoughts are all jumbled and not worth repeating yet. So ciao!
"Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room." -Winston Churchill


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

hehe I've been tempted to get the pirate shirt and the Shakespeare shirt. Tho I suppose the Shakespeare shirt really is more for guys. :(

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