11 June 2005

Yes, it's great

Gracious. The only bad thing I've discovered about having a public blog (that is sometimes read by people I know) is that I have to censure myself to keep from saying too much. I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling and if I said all the things I think, I'm sure I would piss at least a few people off if not just flat out win myself some enemies. Not that I'm inhumanly cruel and evil. I just think things sometimes that aren't nice. True maybe but not necessarily nice. Oh well. Maybe I'll start ANOTHER blog for the mean stuff. Probably not. Mean-though-true stuff is best left to just being thought if anything. If I ever say anything that offends you, let me know and I'll try to make it up to ya.
Same with relationship/dating stuff. I'd hate for a guy to blab all about me if we aren't even serious. But some of that junk is just so funny. It's hard to be nice and not talk about it. Guys are hilarious. Not that I'm not weird and quirky myself but I figure I'm here to entertain myself/other people and if they don't like it they can choose to not hang out with me, right? Unless they're masochists I guess. Wouldn't that be weird? To be a masochist? Can't say it would be fun but that's the point right? It's ironic anyway. Funny ironic.
I spent all day at work yesterday with a nice 22yo gay fellow. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't flaming. I didn't know he was for sure for most of the day but I figured it out after a while since he flirted with me like I was his sister or something and he didn't act as macho/modest/quiet as most guys I know. He was really nice. Didn't truly need me to be there but the hospital was covering its butt just in case so we just chilled out all day, watching tv, walking up & down the hall, and talking. Almost didn't even seem like work. Then one of his friends showed up and I knew for sure they were both of that persuasion. (His friend was very much more effeminate. Funny since he's the one who is in the military. Don't ask, don't tell indeed.) (Okay, and they're not together. I just realized that's what it sounded like. They're just good friends. Not like it matters but I'd hate to give the wrong impression.) Anyway, we had a good time and the sixteen hours I spent at work were nice for once. I could easily be a "fag hag". No doubt they have better fashion sense than I. lol
I'm back at the apartment. Power went off this morning for about two hours. Good times. So I showered and did my makeup as best I could with very little light. Now I'm just gorgeous. Right. I don't really have anything planned for today so I'm pretty much just going with whatever whim suits me at the minute. Now that I think about it, that's what I do all the time anyway. Whatever.
Sunny outside right now. Pretty. Strange though that there isn't really much of anyone out on the golf course today. You'd think that on a day this beautiful they'd be swarming all over the place. I should go play at the park...
Dork got his hair tipped yesterday. Go check out his xanga and see. I still haven't seen it in person yet but it'll last for a while so I'm not too worried about it. Along that vein, I've gotten lots of compliments on my still-lightly-tinted-red hair color. And when I used the temp stuff got pretty nice remarks too. So maybe I should make it a little more permanent? My only real qualm with going red all the time is that I'm not the kind of girl that would keep up with my roots very well so I would end up looking really tacky in just a few weeks. It would take forever to grow out completely with my hair as long as it is. I may have soliliquized on this topic before and, if so, please forgive me. I don't have many serious things to consider right now so my mind strays to silly topics.
I just heard from DJ that Joey, his cat, got ran over. Isn't that sad? Herc seems to be taking it well though, thank goodness. DJ himself is away in... Newfoundland? I'm not sure. Somewhere that they talk funny anyway. Just got back from Germany and said he'd be heading off to Puerto Rico soon too. Isn't that rough? Boy, I'd hate to have to see the world. (If I didn't mention it some other time he's in the Air Force and spends his summers doing AF stuff.) Fun huh?
Guess I should get off my butt and get something done. Happy Saturday!!!
“You need someone to love while you’re looking for someone to love.” –Shelagh Delaney


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