05 May 2005

Terrific Thursday!!!

Wow. Could today be any better? I honestly don't think so. Well, the weather needs to quit dilly-dallying and pick either sunny or rainy but that's pretty trivial.
I got out of a parking ticket today. I went to pay it since neither Mum or I could find the little cards that came with my parking permit that get you out of paying when you just forget to put the permit up, which is what happened in this case. When I got there and explained what happened, as I was paying (ie check written out already) he said it wasn't a problem and that all I had to do was fill out this card then tear up that check. Awesome, huh? That is why I love taking care of things in person. People help ya out.
I made a C on my chem lab final. It was a hard test and I don't feel bad for not doing wonderfully. That means I might just walk away with a B overall. And that's okay with me. Sad how far my standards have fallen in that respect.
This week has seemed like the longest week in history. (I did four lab reports, 1 problem set, and 2 lab finals in less than 48 hours!) Seriously, yesterday I was thinking it should be about Friday already. The past three days were so long and stressful. Thank goodness I had fudge to make the world better. That and Julia & I watched Chocolat after my lab practical yesterday evening. Very nice. Chocolate therapy is way underrated.
I can't remember much to talk about... It's funny how brain-dead I can be after so much intense studying/test taking/problem solving... Um... My parents & dork might come eat dinner with me on my birthday. That's pretty nice of them, huh? I feel really bad about not going home this weekend. I just don't think I'll be ready for my organic final if I go home because I won't want to study there and I really, really need to. But I still feel terrible about it. If I keep my room insanely clean will that make up for it???? (Don't tell them but I do that already because cleaning is much more fun than studying...)
I think I'm going to go make a sandwich, look over my notes for physio tomorrow... And rock out to Queen!!!!! Love ya'll!!!
Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question. - Albert Camus


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