26 April 2005

Justin Matisse, You Stink!

I hadn't realized it's been since last Friday that I wrote... Been terribly busy. Played tennis with Dork again Saturday late. Worked Sunday. Patient honestly didn't need me there so I studied and just tried to stay awake. (He was a little grumpy though since he didn't want the TV on even without sound. I went along with it since, hey, it is his room and he's stuck here for far longer than I will be.) Got back to Norman and tried to study but was just so tired that I had to nap. You know those naps that you plan to have last about 20 minutes? Well that was how this one started out. I woke up 4 hours later. So, yeah I got so much accomplished. Ate some dinner, went back to bed, and slept until the normal getting-up time. I am such a bum. (Hope I'm not getting sick?!?)
Oh wow. I just remembered. I visited Grandmum Saturday with Dork in tow. She is hilarious as always... Telling us about her adventure with my grandad to his late brother's house in a not so nice part of OKC. Apparently there are many "working girls" that live/work around there and they decided to be out in full force the afternoon my Grandmum was in the area. She was so shocked and tried to call them polite names but finally broke down and said prostitutes. Then she discussed how two of them were fighting, thinking one must have taken the other's "trick". I was laughing so hard at this point that I don't remember much of what she said after that. My Grandmum. Talking about Ho's. (Is that grammatically correct? I use that word so infrequently that I have no idea.)
Classes are kicking my tush. I'm at the point where I'm hoping for B's at the best and C's at the worst. I don't honestly think there will be a single A but that would be quite nice. Anyhoo... Who cares about that?
I guess I should get back to getting ready for class. I'm supposed to be in lab/class for 7 hours straight today. Yuck. And even though my shows are tonight I think I'm going to have to skip them for studying. Oh well. Maybe I'll come out a better person. A better person with advanced knowledge in the field of organic chemistry. What a goal. What an ideal. (Please excuse me while I laugh myself silly.)
Ok, bye! Have a happy Tuesday!
"Plant carrots in January and you’ll never have to eat carrots." –Anonymous


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