28 March 2007

Who knew Tuesday hated me?

Whew! Going back to school after Spring Break isn't for the faint of heart!
Whipped up another circle skirt Sunday from my old painting jeans (Julia, the ones I wore when we did your room red!) and I must say it's lovely. I had to piece together a couple of the parts but it all worked out from just that one pair of jeans and some new thread (I even ripped out the old zipper and used it as a closure)! I'm pretty proud of it if you can't tell. Then I sewed and stuffed another of my bunnies, this time in red. All three still need faces and tails but just haven't had the time to do it or the patience to work out in my mind how I want to do them.
On Monday I got to make a pretty bright purple emulsion in lab (the phenolphthalein is what turned it purple; Before that it was a gross greyish gloppy color) and dispense it in a nifty little glass bottle. It was cute! But the other emulsion didn't turn out quite right (I had a little help in messing that one up) so I sort of BSed my way around it until I got it looking closer to right. Lab's pretty fun if you don't count the mess-ups.
Tuesday was just chaos. Before I go into that I'd like to toss around the theory we had in youth group during high school; That Tuesdays have bad karma and thus always turn out gross. It seemed that every week when we'd meet up on Wednesday evening we'd all have a gripe about how each of our Tuesdays had gone, including but not limited to: failing tests, losing keys/books/homework, having fights with friends, car wrecks, and all sorts of bad news breaking like a flood. So Tuesdays were the bane of our discussions. Now I belatedly have another to add to the gripe list... Long story to follow:
Woke up at six after just a few hours of sleep (due to studying) to get ready for school since I had a stats test early at eight thirty, a test that makes up a fourth of my semester grade in the long run. Left for campus at seven for a drive that normally takes roughly thirty to fourty-five minutes depending on traffic (and if I have to stop to gas up or get coffee). Listened to the radio like usual from which I heard that there was a huge wreck on my planned route. Heard that report exactly one minute (and no exits) before I hit, at ~seven-twenty, the traffic jam that ensued from a tanker with hazardous materials jack-knifing and taking out 6 other vehicles in its wake. I take the very next exit, after crawling for something like twenty minutes, which just happens to have a wreck too, a train had hit a car with a fatality resulting just less than an hour beforehand. So I head East at a snail's pace to the next big intersection to go more North to get as far away from the highway as possible, thinking that the problem couldn't get worse. Waiting to go around three stalled-out vehicles later I finished my travel mug of french vanilla tea. About this time I call up one of my classmates to ask him to tell the professor proctoring the test that there is no way I'll be there in time since it was roughly eight-fifteen by this point. Finally make it to the next more North street that goes East and am greated by still more congestion! A couple more stalled-out cars to wait around before I make it to yet another intersection to go even more North. Get halfway through my bottle of water before I get to go over fifteen miles per hour (Did I mention that it was raining? Most of this drive was in the rain too... And after all that tea and water I was starting to get to the point where a restroom would have been helpful. The rain didn't let me forget that either...). The rest of the drive was stressful but very uneventful (oh and I had only a quarter of a tank of gas at the beginning of the story! It got close to the red line). I arrived at school at just after nine, thirty minutes after my stats test was supposed to begin. Made a beeline for the restroom, then sat down to assess the situation in the lounge with another of my classmates that had been stuck too. We had both called ahead so figured it would all work out okay. Got the professor to come talk to us briefly wherein he said we could makeup the test when our classmates were finished at ten. We have another class at ten so we went, with a third classmate, to let our other professor know that we wouldn't be in class because we would be taking the test. She was less than helpful, stating, "No, that is unacceptable. You can't miss class. He'll understand." So we head back to the lounge to wait out until ten when we could talk to the stats prof. As we asked when else we could take it if we weren't allowed to miss our ten-o'clock class he said, "No, she's wrong. I DON'T understand." His thinking was that if we weren't taking a test in our ten o'clock class then we should be taking his test, nothing else would work. He heads out to go talk to the other professor. The three of us just go to our seats quietly, hoping for the best. Then the stats prof comes back in to call us down and out, saying that what the other prof didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Eeek! He didn't talk to her at all! Took about an hour and a half to finish that test. Found out that the rest of our class only had to stay for about an hour for our two hour long ten o'clock class and that the terribly helpful prof had never shown up anyway (we have more than one prof for that class and one of the away-site profs taught instead). Haven't seen any repercussions from that yet but wouldn't be surprised if it became a big deal. I left for home after the test since we didn't have an evening lecture and ate lunch before falling into a three hour nap on the couch. Woke up feeling really sick and feverish. Took my own temperature but had trouble reading the results (I think it was around 100*F) so headed upstairs to study immunology with a cup of tea. Studied all afternoon and late into the evening with the help of decongestants and NSAIDs (the NSAIDs really helped with the hot/cold flashes). So would you agree that my Tuesday wasn't everything that a nice day could be?
Immuno test this morning at nine went okay, I think, and today I've felt a little better but still achey and congested so we'll see how tomorrow goes.
One of the really nice parts of Tuesday was a hug from my Big (my Kappa Psi Big Brother, whom I was friends with in undergrad so she was a natural choice for my Big) before my stats test when I was still freaking out (after my eye twitch had gone but before my hands stopped shaking). She's been through all this before and understands how stressed we are (not that the stress stops at the end of P1 year!) so it's nice to have someone just be there for ya. Thanks Brother!
Now for a nap! Love to all and best wishes for a lovely week! (OH! And the Medieval Fair is this weekend in Norman! Yay!)

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24 March 2007

Break update

Spring Break is quickly retreating into memory, even thought it lasts until Monday... I didn't do even half the studying I told myself I would. I did more shopping, more housework, and more sewing than I had planned, which I'm sure is a good thing, right? Spent time with family and friends. I'd have to say that even though this break has been short, it's been good.
The fact that school paranoia is back already is my own fault for not being more disciplined.
As before mentioned, I've done some sewing this break. Result: a finished t-shirt material circle skirt for me (shades of blue with white underskirt), a similar but unfinished circle skirt for Mum (in orange, yellow, and green! with white underskirt; still needs pockets, waist, and zipper), and two bunnies for Easter (one blue and one green, currently in mind for Marie and Skronky's nephew). I've been feeling crafty lately so it's good to get some of this out of my system before school starts back up and I have to make myself study. OH! And I've gotten some etching cream to try on glass things... very fun! I did two glasses at Skronky's house as well as a glass frame here at home! Woo!!! (There are a couple of pictures of the glasses on my photobucket if you're interested in tracking them down...)
Okay, enough of my procrastination... Back to studying stats! Love and happy thoughts to all; Hope this weekend treats you well!

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18 March 2007

Spring Break Begins!

I've been bad. Posts have been sparse. For such I do appologise.
Last week was thoroughly busy and this weekend has been more of the same. Have been helping quite a bit at Grandpa's house with painting and cleaning. Fun to be with family but hard work too.
(Sidenote: Did you know that there are two companies that make ostomy supplies and one of those two is named Hollister? How freaking funny is that???)
Shopped with Dork yesterday for school clothes since we're both hard on fabric apparently. I'd forgotten anew how much fun it is to wait in line to use the dressing room at the store... And did you know that a local merchant has "family" fitting rooms with a picture of a man and woman each holding a hand of the child between them? I find this notion of a "family" fitting room just a little odd since I don't think there's ever been a situation, even when I was little, that it took both Mum and Dad to see if clothes fit me. Why make a room twice as big when people have been making do with the small rooms just fine to see if their kids' clothes fit? And by the time the kid is old enough to take up much room he or she should be allowed to change clothes alone, right? Around age ten, at the latest, I would think they'd be old enough to not strangle for the two minutes it takes to put on a shirt, huh? Anyway, it was something to muse on while waiting...
Oh! I found some cute black, cheap shoes this shopping trip that made waiting for the dressing rooms worth while! Woohoo!!! Yay for awesome finds!
Dork and Em have been "going steady" for a whole year as of today. Crazy kids.
Skronky acquired a new shed for his backyard yesterday. I did not get to help but it looked like fun for those wielding tools. He's getting rid of the sweet fancy rat that someone gave him; Mr. Rat is going to live next door with a couple of little girls who are totally great for thinking that rats are good pets! Rock on sisters! Also acquired recently: two little blue poison dart frogs took up residence in Skronky's terrerium. Beautiful and NOT deadly! Yay!
Spring Break is this week. Finally. Am looking forward to some sewing, sleeping, and (sigh) studying (since have 3 tests and a paper or two due as soon as we get back to classes).
Hope ya'll had a lovely weekend and that the ensuing week treats you well! Much love!

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11 March 2007

Breath away from school

Ran into someone (who is one of the few in our town to have the same first name I do) I went to school with, from elementary on up, in line at the grocer where we got to talking and doing the little catching up bit that is inevitable. The one thing that really stood out to me was the mention that with either school (me) or children (her) a gal can sometimes feel her life is on hold. I think it's funny that what both of us want for ourselves, eventually, is what the other is currently dealing with but not always enjoying. Isn't that the way it goes, want what ya can't have?
Just now I looked over at the Cat as she was breathing in but it looked like she was growing! I'm so silly sometimes when sleep deprived...
Actually ran into another gal at the grocer that same day who apparently knows me but for the life of me I can't remember how I know her or what her name might be! I'm embarrassed that I lied my way through that short conversation, leaning toward the advice that, "If you can't be kind, at least be vague," so I just went really vague but very, very kind/happy. Not sure if she accepted that as rude or good but it's what I've got to work with, blah!
Test on Friday was horrid. There is so much to learn about Insulin that testing on it sucks. Also "durable medical equipment" was gross since we were told we wouldn't have to know about billing protocal and most of the questions were billing related, of course. Argh! If I survive this class I'll be one lucky girl of a gun. (I did think it was funny that pamplets for dealing with stress and depression showed up in our school lounge the same day as above mentioned test and right before midterms week... They're so sneaky!)
My new pretty computer is running beautifully and has yet to act up (other than the brief scare last night when the battery ran out without a warning first, but that was my fault for indulging in the wirelessness of it for too long.) Vista seems to be working well for me so YAY! (note: Vista is very much like a Mac stepchild...)
Dawn married Friday evening to a high school sweetheart! Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.! Small party yesterday in their honor was lovely and funny. Yay for happiness!

Well off to study biopharm for test Monday... Happy Weekend to ya'll and much love!

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08 March 2007

Crazy drug cards

Terribly busy studying for next couple of tests... more to follow as possible but do know that I'm thinkin' of ya'll and yearning to babble on here as soon as feasible. Happy Thursday!