31 March 2005

MidWeek Mayhem

I was so going to take Sharice to class and then go right back to sleep for another hour or so but once I saw the sunrise... I couldn't. I was wide awake. It was so pretty this morning. The rays were layered through the clouds and the sun was peaking through... (sigh). So I'm inspired and all. (But sleepy, yes.)
Mum called... she thought she woke me up... I should have played it off, "Oh, yeah. Oh shi.... What time is it? Oh crikey! Joe get up! GET UP! You've got to get to work!!! No, I don't know, your pants are under the bed! What Mum? Oh, nothing. Not much going on..." Yeah. That would be funny. Especially since I don't really know anyone who goes by the name Joe. Bob would work just as well. Don't know any of those either.
Purevolume is being finicky today... urgh... "Oh, so you actually wanted to LISTEN to that song... Oops."
I've been so busy... MBIO lab practical last evening... Was hard because we had to know all 14 test agars, what was in them, what they test for, etc. Gets confusing because you have such situations like Methyl Red and Phenyl Red as indicators of pH and what their colors indicate are the exact opposite (MR turns yellow with acid and stays red with base while PR turns red with acid and yellow with base). Evilness. Then my Gram stain wouldn't show up under the scope. I have NEVER had a problem finding things under the scope. It's been my forte as far as any scope lab is concerned. But no, when it's worth a huge grade on my lab practical I can't find a bloody thing to save my soul. (I did FINALLY find some purple Gram + cocci and pink Gram - rods but they were very few... and there were maybe supposed to be 3 things not just 2... Who knows?)
I'm sorry this post is so boring... I'd love to tell you how exciting my life really is. But the FBI have warned me that to do so would throw the world powers off balance. So I won't. But just so the world isn't off balance. Because that would bother me. All spinning on it's axis sloppily like a drunk with a shoe in one hand and a bottle in the other.... Yeah, so now I'm worried. Crikey! Now I'll have to go clean the kitchen again just for peace of mind...
I'm getting a new phone! Woohoo!!!! Not a new number. (Whoa. That would be harsh... I barely know the one I have now!) I'm super excited though since maybe I'll have halfway decent reception now. (And I know that's my own fault for dropping my poor phone so often... Pathetic thing is lucky to still be in one piece. I'm rough on phones.)
I now know someone nice who's made it into pharm school. I'm happy for her but... Kinda jealous/nervous too. Wish I knew one way or the other already. Even if I don't get in, I'm happy for her since she really deserves it. Just wish I knew too. Congrats Ruth!
This weekend is going to be hectic... Big Event on Saturday and work on Sunday plus studying my rear off some more... Julia and Mel are tempting me with a trip to Stillwater to watch the Neighborhood play and the chance to visit DJ, Mike, and Herc. Which would be a super fun trip. (sigh) What to do? I could still help with the Big Event but would have to call in sick to work... Crikey. Sucks having to make decisions sometimes...
Watched Benny and Joon for the first time a few nights ago. I like that movie. Very cute. Good music too... "I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door..." (What is havering though? Is that a bad thing?) Julia and I rock at singing that song!!! We should go on tour or something... lol
Well enough silliness for now... I need to get ready to go to class. Have a lovely day my lovelies!!!
"Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must first be raised." -American Proverb (we Americans are smart like that!)

28 March 2005

Another Monday

Monday.... Happy Birthday Galen!
Classes went well this morning. I still need to be studying but this is more fun.
There's a
study out that says that I can blame my driving style (or lack-there-of) on my Mum. So thank you. I almost always speed, have no problem driving in crazy weather or at night, and enjoy curb-checks. And parallel parking is the devil's sick sense of humor. Actually it's funny to think about...
We had dinner at Carl's last night. He's a very good cook! My only complaint was that he wouldn't let us help with anything at all. Not a thing. He made us (Sharice, Julia, and me) sit in the living room while he finished. That was tough since I'm used to at least puttering around in the kitchen when anyone is messing in there. But the food was divine and he is to be commended. Some more of his friends showed up and we all had a blast chattering like magpies (6:1 female to male ratio... lucky Carl lol). He and Sharice had a continuous wrestling match that would pause briefly and then just as randomly start up again. Very funny. I love friendy friends! (Choking on small candies, slashed tires, stroking notebook, bathroom help, sitting on ice, IGC, etc... we're so funny!)
You know I'm a nerd so here are 2 links that I thought were super cool!
Neat bottle thing and Folding proteins!
I might just have a slightly chilly roommate on my hands at the moment... Sharice might just be miffed at me. Not even going to go into why. It's too stupid to explain with words. Crikey.
"Brian plays drums and he used to be cool now he acts dumb and is being a tool...
On a billboard now he's modeling Cargo shorts for Abercrombie. I don't get why Brian moved away... So if you know anyone who can play the drums have them give us a shout because Brian's a sell out. And when we asked him why he said we wouldn't understand..." Funny song called Brian's a Sellout by Hydraulic Sandwich (No, I didn't make up that band name... check
them out on Purevolume!)
It comes down to a choice... get busy livin' or get busy dyin'. -from The Shawshank Redemption

27 March 2005

Super long post...

Happy Easter!
Wow! I've had such an interesting time since my last update on here...
Thursday afternoon/evening I studied my behind off. Took breaks pretty often to do such necessary things as work on laundry, fix dinner, talk to Mum on the phone, etc. Dinner was pretty darn wonderful if I do say so myself. (Chicken, fried rice, and green beans! WOO!)
Later around 8ish our power went off 3 times, for between 5 and 30 seconds each time. The last time was the longest which lead me to stumble into the hall with a bright little blue cell phone light pointed at me and Sharice's voice saying, "Misty??? Are you still down there???" Of course after that there was no studying for a little while as we thought the power might go off again. So we all ate some cookie dough together (we being Julia, Sharice, and I) as we talked of things not nearly relevant to studying or school. We still don't know what was going on with the power... a tad windy but nothing else.
So I finally got back to studying when FiSH calls me up and insists that I come to the KA house immediately. For his birthday party. So being the nice friend that I am (ie since I was so wretchedly tired of studying... lol) I went over for about an hour. And please don't let me be the one to tell you that even though OU has a new no tolerance alcohol policy it doesn't mean a thing to frat boys. Because (of course) they follow all rules to the letter. No vodka, beer, absinthe, rum, or various other things were even present. No siree. And they were not hazing the birthday boy or the new pledges. Because that is mean and wrong. No, no they wouldn't do that.
But they were darling and nice to me so let's forget I mentioned anything else, shall we? I got back here before 2330 hours and studied a little more.

Friday morning was the usual. That physio test was hard and evil. (I ended up with a 71% on it - After the curve! ) I played around some since I was all studied out. Talked to Sharice and Julia until Shar went to work and Jul headed home for Easter. Then I watched the first half of Interview with the Vampire. I got tired of it (I know,I know. What's wrong with me Julia?) and switched to The Notebook, which I had never seen before. It was soooo good. Such a girl movie and mushy. Made me a little misty-eyed near the end. But very good.

Worked on some Ochem stuff and picked up Sharice from work. We headed to Lloyd Noble to see our OU Gymnast Men compete in the Big 12 Championship team finals... And they won of course!!!!
We congratulated the fellows afterward and got our hugs from Josh and Brian (as well as comments from their teammates and families on our shirts. We made shirts to support our beloved friends and they were cute. Everyone
else wanted one too.)
After we left the meet I dropped off Sharice here, picked up my clothes & stuff, and went to Buzz's Subs for a little concert thing. A band I kinda know was playing and a couple of my friends from HS were coming so I really wanted to go. Ended up just missing the band but my friends were still there! We had such a blast laughing at the band that was playing last. (Gay band... would have NEVER seen them any other way since they were really over the top... Can't even begin to describe it since I've been trying to get the images out of my head since Friday... lol) Stayed for a while to chat and headed home to see the family for Easter.
(mushing Sat and Sun together...) Visited Grandmum, ran a couple miles, went to the mall, walked to park with Mum and Chaco, visited with Daddy, watched Dork play video games while I made a necklace and Mum hemmed her new dress pants. Talked to Dawn and have been promised cute pics of Marie in her little Easter dress and bonnet. She's always adorable.

Now I'm just chilling out with Sharice... Julia still hasn't shown back up yet... We might go eat at Carl's tonight. I'm just going with whatever Sharice says we're going to do (as usual. lol).
Hope ya'll have a great week and much laughter in your lives!

I look at you and I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world.-Frank O'Hara in "Having a Coke With You"

24 March 2005

Cute but physio...

Happy Birthday FiSH!! (He's 20yo today! Such a big boy/old man! lol)
Lab went well. Got done in just an hour and a half!!!! Woohooo! Now I have to study like a madman this evening for my physio test Friday... been doing some each day but today is the last-chance-cram day. Lovely times...
You are the 'cute but psycho' Happy Bunny. You are adorable, but a little out there. It's alright; You might not have it all, but there are worse things you could be.
which happy bunny are you?
Julia and I finished the train puzzle and started a flowers one. It's going to be pretty. Very.
You should check out this new-ish
Homestar piece... Go to puppet stuff and watch the ones that say Vs. Little Girl. They're hilarious and the little girl is adorable. You'll enjoy I'm sure of it. Julia and I get such a kick (hehe) out of it that we're constantly quoting it. Woopah!
Okay. Back to those who believe me to be heartless bitch... I'm sorry if you didn't understand that I meant the ogres of true folklore not the nice, sweet kind in DreamWorks' animated children's movie Shrek. The ogres I meant are hideous, brutish, and kidnap children to eat them, which just might not exactly concur with a great heart/personality. Either way, if you don't like what I write then you don't have come here. If you have a true, serious problem with the things I say then voice your concerns, as appropriate of course. If I've lied about something in my posts then that's news to me. For the most part I just ramble nonsense which is rather hard to lie about. If you actually know me and feel I've wronged you in some way you should let me know. I honestly have no idea who you are so I won't appoligize for anything I've done. If I lack a heart well then I guess that's my problem. One might assume a higher power would punish me with loneliness and pain for being so evil but I'm really surprisingly quite happy. Lacking a heart would also make actually living difficult... We've been studying the heart and its functions in physiology and I doubt I would live very long without one. This is much longer than I had intended but one last thought: There's so much beauty in the world a little couldn't help but be "wasted" on liars/bitches. Perhaps we should love them for who they are even if we hate what they do since the last time that I checked none of us is perfect (excepting of course Jesus Christ and besides he's past this whole human-body thing). As always, thank you for your concern and comments.
I suppose I should get back to studying. Planning on cooking dinner as my next break... Looking like it's going to be chicken and fried rice. Fun times! Ya'll take care and have fun!
"The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you." - from Lost in Translation

23 March 2005

Sushi's place

Huh... where to start? Today the weather is beautiful. A tad chilly but beautiful. Today has been fine. No complaints.
Monday tried its darnedest to upset me but it only partially succeeded. My bike is re-broke. Not sure if it's still the ball-bearing set or something completely different this time but the back wheel is frozen again. (Kinda funny... I had decided to ride to class and got about a block before the wheel decided not to roll anymore. Which is rather critical to riding on something that moves by rolling. Very frustrating but slightly funny. Still made it to class on time after taking the bus.) Various other obstacles presented themselves but to no avail since late in the afternoon, just before my evening lab, the dark storm clouds and the light sunny clouds met creating a beautiful sight. First we, Julia and I, saw rain sprinkles ahead of us. None on us or to either side, just in front! Then they continued moving over and past us. Very light sprinkling. The sun was shining on us and the sprinkles were just enough to be wet. As I crossed Lindsay to campus I looked East and saw two gorgeous rainbows, one just above the other! So pretty!!!! Made Monday nice in spite of the evil little problems.
Tuesday was nice. Except that Gilmore Girls was a rerun, no One Tree Hill, and our MTV shows aren't back on yet either. So we watched a bit of GG and then just surfed around. Made dinner before that. Yum.
Apparently someone who reads this site thinks I'm a hot, heartless bitch, which is, of course, the reason I'm single. I find that funny. First, why read my blog if you think I'm a bitch? Couldn't you find something more worthwhile to read if I'm really such an ogre? Second, I don't think a lack of personality is my biggest flaw (though of course I respect your opinion if you think otherwise) and even if it were, the whole trophy wife thing was a joke. Third, the whole idea of a trophy wife is to find one that is gorgeous, with or without personality. I'm not even sure that having a brain is required for that job. (Hmmm... trophy... sits there, looks pretty, and makes others jealous somehow... I think that's the whole idea, correct?) Anyway, thanks for the feedback and if you have any other opinions to share I would love to entertain new topics, ideas, theories, and/or derogatory remarks.
Here are some pictures of Sushi's new home...

Guess that's all for now. Hope you're having a wonderful day!!
Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth. -FDR

20 March 2005

Bleck what a welcome back...

I'm back down here. Urgh. Stupid college/learning/classes/tests, etc thing. I'm failing O chem right now. Have exactly a 59% in the class. Made a 51% on that midterm test. And I'm majorly bummed about it.
But anyway. Mum made fudge for me before I got home from work today (had to get all my stuff and didn't think making anyone else haul it was very fair) and it's gooooood! There was a little smushed-face cat sitting next to the work parking garage. Not cute but precious in its own little way. I brought my kite with me back here but neglected to remember the string to fly it with. Oh well. Good times. Had an easy day at work. No problems there. My bike is now fixed thanks to my wonderful Daddy! We, I did help, cannibalized my old bike to salvage a ball bearing set... That was all that needed replacing (well, with some lube stuff since it was so dry from disuse). Sushi is back at the apartment!!! Woo! He even has a new living situation; a lovely vase-type thing with a plant for him to hide in! Isn't that truly exciting?
Crikey. Should I start submitting applications to the fellows around here that are searching for a trophy wife or just skip that step and hang out in Florida to find a rich old guy that will kick the proverbial bucket soon? I'm kidding, of course, but I'm in a pouty mood over that stupid test. My own darn fault I did so badly but I can still curse the test, right?
I can't think of anything else to say that isn't either stupid, nonsense, or a bit sad so I'll stop here. Good night ya'll and much love.

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, does absolute powerlessness make you pure? -Harry Shearer

I was told today, in all sincerity, by the guy tech at work that I look like Rose McGowan (I had to look her up online to see who she was... She's Paige, the youngest sister witch on Charmed...) I don't really feel flattered since when I was searching to see what she looked like most of the pictures of her that I stumbled on were rather, um, immodest. Anyhoo... So I look like yet another easy girl. Is this a hint? Honestly...

19 March 2005

Sad, sad times are these

I want my effing gas station back!!!!!
How dare they get rid of my gas station without asking me first? I can't gas up now. I can't. It just isn't right anywhere else!
I've been gassing up there since I started driving! Jeez folks! I'm practically an establishment there and now it's gone? What will I do without Joe to talk to as I pay for my petrol? They've ripped out everything, even the concrete foundation!!!! WHY MY STATION? WHY? (I break into tears, tear at my hair, and curse the petrol gods...)

Okay. I think I can talk now. (sniffle) bastards
I don't have much to say though. My heart is broken. Can you fix it? No, I think not... but try, will you?

Sometimes even to live is an act of courage. -Seneca

Raver Bear
Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?

18 March 2005

Happy Late St. Patrick's Day!

Yes, as I type this epistle I can hear in the background the droning insanity known as TechTV. Thank you Dork. I feel smarter for having heard their buzz-word-filled banter. Yet another perk of being home for break!
Mum and I made sweet and sour chicken with fried rice last night for dinner. SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!! House still smells like frying chicken but it was worth it. Yum!
Visited Grandmum yesterday. More gossip; Good times. We did have some deep talk about death though which was strange yet nice. Weird, I know. And she didn't know I'd seen someone die before (since that isn't usually something you just randomly bring up in everyday conversation...). Discussed how we wanted our remains handled. Yes, the 19 yo knows better just what she wants done than the 60-something grandmum does. Guess I'm odd for having decided that stuff already?
I'm so proud of myself. I've managed to use the treadmill here at home four days this week! Didn't have time to run the days I worked but still... I kick butt! I even set the incline really high just to see if I could do it. The answer is yes but no. Yes, I can do it; no, I shouldn't unless I happen to enjoy my calves aching like fire. Which, of course, I do.
Muhahahahaha... I turned the tv channel to the salsa y merengue station (it's just music, no streaming image). I like it. Tango un lapiz amarillo. Mi mama va a trabaja a la hospital. Yo no voy esta manana. I don't know how proper my Spanish grammar is anymore but I think I got those right. Woo!
I finally saw
Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow yesterday evening. I liked it. Reminded me a little of Atlas Shrugged (mostly in the way the film was shot and the way I imagined the setting of the book would look.) I must say it again, if you can find the time you should really read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. AWESOMENESS!!! (OH! And I've heard a rumor that there might be an Atlas Shrugged movie in the works! Needless to say I'm thrilled and worried at the same time. It's highly likely that the movie will suck to high heaven and just be crappola. [sigh])
I don't really understand this picture>>> but it looked pretty funny and seems like such a good idea... Ya know Julia, I have a whole mini fridge in my room that isn't being used... muhahahaha... (Yeah, I don't know these people but they look like they're having a good time... Kinda scary actually) Just reminded me I need to take more pictures and post them more often. I'm a bad photojournalist/modern-historian/autobiographer-in-the-making. Maybe I'll take a picture trip...

Ya'll be good and have a great spring break weekend! Love and hugs ~Curious Mistiness

It's a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation. -Roberto Benigni

15 March 2005

Just a ramble...

loading... well hopefully, at least.
Which TEEN GIRL SQUAD girl are you?

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Today.... Good weekend filled with lots of family stuff. Worked Sunday and today. Monday ran errands and went randomly shopping with Mum and Dork. (The places we went were pretty random... not to mention our erratic adventurousness in looking at furniture... Whoa! I know! Craziness!)
I had to get my license renewed and the pic is just goofy. Also my hair is red in it. My bad. I forgot about needing to do that this week... Temp-dyed my hair red thus winning me the goof-ball of the year award.
No terribly deep thoughts at the moment. I don't think there are any here anyway...
Mum and I made fudge today after work. Yum...

Kitty. School loving and cute; You're just
brilliant in studies. It'll be no surprise if
you are in a higher grade than your age. (But
you suck at sports. Sorry.)

Which X-Men Evolution Character are you?
Guess I'm not in a chatty mood right now (take a picture, it doesn't happen often.) Love ya'll and hope you're having a great Spring Break!
Faith is closing your eyes and following the breath of your soul down to the bottom of life, where existence and nonexistence merge. - unknown

11 March 2005


Pharm interview was this morning.
I think it went pretty well. Found out that of the 500 or so applicants only about 200 were invited to interview and of those about 140 will be accepted to the program, either in OKC or at the Tulsa campus. So looks like I have decent odds.
And I must say it since there's no one else to... I looked quite hott. Wore one of my new shirts... Of the ten or so other girls there only one other wore a skirt. OOOhhhh and the P-3 that was on the board for my interview was a very nice looking fellow... yum. lol But don't tell. It really wasn't fair since he sat in the middle between the female faculty member and alumni. And he kept smiling a very nice smile which was bad since I already couldn't remember the correct words for what I wanted to say to their questions. I got to chat up my various competition while we waited in-between rotations. I've decided pharm school boys are either really nerdy or really cute. There is no middle ground so it seems. I didn't think such extreme distinctions existed but apparently...
The Union there is pretty nice. Has a coffee shop, computer lab, and workout area. Not as nice as the Huff but pretty darn nice. (Hard to beat the Huff). Did I mention everything is in one building and the Union is just next door? No running miles over campus to make it to class on time in just ten minutes! Wooo!
As for my pharm interview questions... The ones I remember include: Why do you want to become a pharmacist and why did you pick OU? What area of pharmacy would you like to go into? If you worked retail and an irate customer came in with a prescription that had been missfilled how would you handle the sitution (and, no, you don't know who missfilled it)? How would your friends describe you? What leadership positions have you held in extracurricular activities and what did you learn from them. What are your hobbies outside of school?
Those are all I can remember... my actual interview was about 20 minutes long and early this morning so... yeah... OH! And we had to write a short, one-page essay in 30 minutes. Very easy for me (come on, after AP History and AP English tests is one tiny page going to throw me?) Essay topic was something like, define what the word character means to you. What are three traits that make up character and why/describe? SOOO easy! I hate to admit it but writing all of those three-point essays (5 paragraph essay? I can't remember exactly what it's called...) sure helps when writing all other papers. Keeping it short was the hardest part since I'm used to using a ton of bs descriptive words to fill space on minimum page number papers. Good times.
Oh. And Julia, I got asked the Lohan question ("Does anyone ever tell you that you look just like that Lindsay Lohan girl?"- from a very old P-1, he thought it was funny...) Rat-nosed raddish eater. Grrr...
Okay, I'm sleepy and the cat is trying to sit on my keyboard so I suppose this is good night! Love ya'll and happy Spring Break!
"There is nothing in which people more betray their character than in what they laugh at." ~Goethe (I wish I had heard this before my essay... so would have used it!)

10 March 2005

Thursday is nice

Lovely day. Re-cap really quick: Shower, took Sharice to class, wrote my lab report that was due at 10:30am, ate popsicle for brunch, went to lab, kicked experiment arse, went shopping with Julia (found two cute tops), made dinner (baked chicken, fried potatoes, and green beans), watched League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, picked up room since tornado apparently tore through here earlier (I was rushed!). That's today. In all its glory.
We started a new puzzle on the anti-coffee coffee table. It's a train. And we're already almost done... Woohoo!!!!
I like pink now. As in the color. I didn't not too long ago. But I do now. Just so you know...
Feeling quite full. Nice feeling. I should be packing to go home... but it's still early and doesn't require much thinking so I'll get it done soon enough...
Julia and I saw a beautiful thing today: the sun rays shining through the clouds like a star-burst diamond all over Southern Norman, over the green trees, rooftops, and streets. It was so beautiful. Something sent straight from heaven to remind us how beautiful life can be if we just look up out of our little concerns and realize it. (I wish I could have gotten a picture of it for you to see, I don't need one myself as I can see it in my head anytime I want to...)
I've got Pretty Girl by Sugarcult stuck in my head... Good song but rather addictive.
I had many thoughts of which to ramble about but now I find I cannot remember a single one of them... crikey, I'm getting old or something. Maybe just stupid. Who knows? But I bid you adieu and wish ya a lovely weekend! I'm headed home for Spring Break so hit me up if you're from around there and feeling bored! As always, Love and laughter to you!

Pretty Girl - by Sugarcult
Pretty girl is suffering, While he confesses everything,

Pretty soon she'll figure out, What his intentions were about,
And that's what you get for falling again, You can never get him out of your head,
And that's what you get for falling again, You can never get him out of your head,
It's the way that he makes you feel, It's the way that he kisses you,
It's the way that he makes you fall in love,
She's beautiful as usual, With bruises on her ego and
Killer instinct tells her to, Be aware of evil men,
And that's what you get for falling again, You can never get him out of your head,
And that's what you get for falling again, You can never get him out of your head,
It's the way that he makes you feel, It's the way that he kisses you,
It's the way that he makes you fall in love, It's the way that he makes you feel,
It's the way that he kisses you, It's the way that he makes you fall in love (love),
Pretty girl (X2) Pretty girl is suffering,
While he confesses everything, Pretty soon she'll figure out,
You can never get him out of your head,
It's the way that he makes you cry, It's the way that he's in your mind,
It's the way that he makes you fall in love, It's the way that he makes you feel,
It's the way that he kisses you, It's the way that he makes you fall in love (love)

To remain young one must change. The perpetual campus hero is not a young man but an old boy. -Alexander Chase

08 March 2005

Long ramble about nothing

Warning: This one is just me rambling. Not much funny. Not much interesting. You've been warned so go watch Comedy Central or read a magazine instead. You'll enjoy it more, I promise...
Just finished watching the season ending of Real World Philadelphia and it made me a little sad. Reminded me of leaving DC when I went there for NYLC Junior year. Specific combo of happy and sad all mixed together. Just one of those moods I don't get in very often... So now I'm missing my NYLC family group.; Haven't seen them since we left but I'm missing them all the same...
Today kicked my butt just a little, tiny bit. Had Ochem lab and it wasn't so bad but I went totally brain dead and couldn't remember which part of the extraction mixture was the organic layer and which the aqueous. Which is very important to know. Angus (TA) would have laughed at me and told me to read the manual (which isn't any help because I already read the manual and it didn't say either) so I just asked around and hoped they were right. Also I have no idea what the products I formed mean. I know what they are but not why. Whateva.
Then physiology lab was pretty easy. Several parts to it but not really a problem.
OChem lab midterm was after that... urgh... I'm sure I passed it but not sure by how much... Definitely not A+ worthy. And it wasn't hard I just didn't always know exactly what they were asking for so I put what I could reason out the best I could. As always.
Made dinner when I got home. Hamburger Helper beef stroganoff with fresh steamed broccoli. Chocolate ice cream with cocoa rice crispies for dessert. Yum.
Watched our Tuesday night shows with Julia and picked up Sharice from work. Now I need to study some more. No more tests this week but still have to keep up. Lab report and pre-lab due Thurs. Pharm interview Friday so I'll be missing all my classes then.
Not sure when I'm going home exactly... either Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning maybe. There's a men's gymnastics meet Friday night that I would like to go to here in Norman... but I also want to get home asap. Guess I'll just see where the day takes me. Am trying not to think about interview because I'm pretty much scared about it. Well, not scared so much as I realize that it kinda determines how my next few years will be spent. Which is a big thing to someone like me (ie young, stupid, and way too eager.) I know it will go just fine. They'll pick me or they won't, not that big of a deal. So please don't write me telling me it will be okay. I know it will. I just have to freak out about this for it to be real. Ya know? That and I can only freak out about what to wear for so long before sounding really shallow/vain.
I made an 81% on my MBIO lab practical last week. Class average was low 70's so I guess that's decent enough. Made a few really dumb mistakes but all in all the things I miss I truly just didn't know or couldn't tell from what we were given. Good times.
If you're one of my friends that managed to make it this far down in this pile of crappola, I just wanted to say, "Thanks. Love ya. Probably missing you like crazy right now. My heart goes out to ya and I wish you all the best in the world. Make good decisions and take big risks. I'm praying for you either way. Once again, love you and hugs & kisses. Good night."
If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm. -Bruce Barton

07 March 2005

Happy Happy Happy

I'm putting off finishing that lab report. Yeah, the one that's due tonight. lol It's not hard just painstaking to write the way they want it. Sillyheads.
I don't know why but earlier I was so very happy/excited/overjoyed for no apparent reason other than the world is so darn wonderful/beautiful/nice that I almost wanted to scream and jump up & down. (Just almost since I was in the Library and that probably wouldn't have gone over well. Strange how that works.) I'm not sure how I get into those moods? But I do like 'em. Happy is great.
And I really love my friends right now. No special reason. They just collectively rock. Renesha's birthday is tomorrow. Kelly got an internship somewhere and her brother's baby is due in May, I think. Dawn has a new job. Alex studied with me in the library today; different subjects but same table. lol. Saw Jett. Almost ran over Mitesh (sorry kiddo). Discussed physio and chem with Corey which was helpful since sometimes I'm retarded and he seems to know what he's talking about most of the time. Sharice is feeling better after being sick last week. Julia and I sat with Carl and one of his friends at the gym meet Saturday. He's so goofy (made fun of me a lot but it really was funny so I couldn't help laughing. Hard to be mad when I'm laughing...); he can laugh and sound just like a little baby! Which is strange. Crossed horns with FiSH yesterday so guess that's out of the way for the week? (He's promised to help me get smashed after pharm interview if need be. lol) Got to talk with one of my MBio friends in Chem (I don't know her name... but yes, we are friends. I know more about her than I do about some people whose names I do know. Sad huh?). Britney (mbio lab partner) and I discussed the lab report (that I should be working on right now) and her wedding plans. Some of these people I don't think I've mentioned on here before so don't worry if you don't have a clue who I'm talking about. lol Just know they make me laugh and thus happy!
Sadder note: I may have broken my bike. Yes, my new one. I donno. Will have to look at it more in-depth and perhaps take it to the bike doctor. Something to do with the rear wheel alignment.
Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to happen. Nothing is too good to last. -Florence Schovel Shinn (I really adore this quote. Has so much hope and optimism!)

06 March 2005

Crazy boys

Wow. The things I've been called/compared to this week... First a dolphin... then a mouse... now a hippo... Crazy boys. What do they be thinkin'? Or are they drinkin'? Hehehe... I am so witty.

If you're feeling stressed... this is a great site... If you want to destroy the Earth instead... well, go here. Funny celeb photos are here. Droopy-pants bill that didn't pass in Virginia... And beware of short fingered men (this one is just odd enough to catch my eye...). Cat hats (thanks to Dork for this link). Enough of this silliness! Good night!

Makeup is named for nothing

Good weekend.
I had to get some more base (as in makeup stuff) and remembered various conversations with mum and friends about the names of makeup. Those makeup companies think of the most retarded names for things. My base, for example, is called "blushing ivory"which tells you nothing really. How do you know how much ivory blushes? Really, "almost as white as white-out" would have been a great name for the hue I use. A collection of other 'colors' (as in blush and eyeshadow) that I use or at least keep around include: rose mist, irish eyes, sky, snow plum, natural ivory, and natural glow. All of which get across a general color but not much beyond that. Which is funny. Julia's base is soft honey. Wouldn't know that looking at her, would you? Muhahahaha.... Other colors from CoverGirl include toasted almond, soft sable, and medium light. Which all crack me up too. Thanks Julia for the link for that one!
Saw a renegade toothbrush in the road on the South Oval Friday. Who brings a toothbrush to campus and THEN loses it? What a loser... lol
More later... Julia seems to think it's time to make dinner or something productive like that. Go figure, right? Later and much love!
When you relinquish your desire to control the future, you can have more happiness. -from The Scotsman

04 March 2005

It's much too late to make much sense

Yes it is 1:23 am. And yes I am writing a post. Yes, I have class today at 8:30. So? I'm awake and feel like writing. Not spelling well apparently since I have to keep backspacing but we'll see...
I no longer have a soul. It is now owned by the devil otherwise known as OChem. Test this evening kicked my arse, left me for dead, and even took my lunch money. (Okay so I'm lying about the lunch money part...) That's enough of such depresssing matters.
Got to see the last ten minutes or so of a state finals girls basketball game between Okarche and some other school... but it was in Moore. Julia, Sharice, and I road-tripped up to Moore real quick just to catch the last quarter. Quite funny. Got to see Julia's friend Danielle's little boy Gavin. He's adorable. Not as cute as Marie, of course, but still very darling.
I'm really liking this band on
purevolume called Hit the Lights... they're from Lima, OH. lol That is funny.
It was really, really foggy this morning. Which is nice to me. I like fog. It's kinda like mist which is rather like, well, my namesake and all. So I liked this morning even though it blocked out the sunrise I've become used to getting to see...
Julia and I made cupcakes when we got home from the basketball game... we're so goofy. But they are good. And stored very creatively (but not quite as creatively as I was trying to think out at first, huh Julia?) They're crammed into 2 tupperware containers, 1 mixing bowl with plastic wrap, 1 casserole dish, and 2 silverware holder-things covered with plastic wrap. That doesn't sound nearly as funny as it is. It's purely, awesomely ridiculous to look at. Julia and I almost died laughing it was so funny. Oh WOW! I'm going to have to post a pic of that one... It's still making me smile big.
I am so ready for Spring Break to get here. I feel just crazy right now and need some down time. Coach, please bench me for a minute? Please? Don't make me foul on purpose... just kidding, I don't know what I'm talking about.
Saw several people I know today that I hadn't seen in a while! Mitesh, Jordan, Priti, and Ryan while walking around, Morgan on the bus, Ann just after lab. That doesn't seem like much but I only had one lab today and then my test. I hardly ever see anyone I that I really know on campus, I mean I do see the people I've had in classes that I kinda-sorta know. But noone I actually know. Until today! Woo! Oh, yesterday someone said Hi to me and I didn't catch who it was... I was on my bike and couldn't turn fast enough to see. So if it was you I am truly sorry and hi back!
Okay that's enough. I HAVE to go to sleep now...

That which does not kill you will wish that it had. (you hear that ochem??? Yeah, man, it's on!)

02 March 2005

Life changing and resolutions on ice

"I don't seem obvious, do I?" (by Jimmy Eat World) I like that song... it's playing on my player now... Nice.
I hate to jump straight into serious but I have to get this out of my head...
I really need to do some changing and spring cleaning in that huge container otherwise known as my life. I'm happy, as always, but I see things that if left the way they are will not help me to being a better person or, worse, will make me lesser. Which is hard enough to avoid as it is. This life thing... It's very dynamic (as opposed to static) and the ways in which it changes and twists BUT stays exactly the same are crazy and dumbfounding. Too big a topic to fully expound on right now.
I never made New Year's resolutions this year but... Here are a few tentative thoughts that I'd like to adhere to as best as possible...
  1. Be more health conscious. Eat properly. Drink less pop, coffee, etc. Fewer sweets. Exercise more and regularly. (No, I'm not planning on adding an eating disorder to my repertoire but I know if I don't keep myself in check it'll be bad...)
  2. Learn how to spell better in general. Not be such a witch about others' grammar mistakes. (And this one runs deep. Really bothers me sometimes. I should start a Grammarians Anonymous... maybe on Facebook?)
  3. Be a better friend. Listen better and be less narcissistic (hard when I'm this wonderful... lol). Visit and call more.
  4. Listen less to the pessimistic devil on my shoulder. Give him a permanent vacation. Give my angel a shiny new halo to begin to make up for neglect last year.
  5. Appreciate others more. (see #3 again)
  6. Take more risks. Be less afraid of what others might think.
  7. Study more and with better efficiency.
  8. Ask for help if I need it, even when I dread asking such favors.
  9. Do my best to avoid hurting/being mean to anyone (within reason, of course). I am pretty mean sometimes. The B-word comes to mind... barbeque sandwich... oh yeah...
That's all I can think of for now. I had thought to add to act more like the adult I should be but that isn't fun and can wait until I'm older. Being silly is much too entertaining at the moment.
It's been Sunday since I wrote last. Monday and Tuesday went well. Classes were there but not extraordinary in any aspect. Got to visit Dawn yesterday morning since one of my classes was canceled. She and Marie are doing well. Made my heart happy to get to play with Marie and chatter with Dawn like old times. Marie is starting to babble a little, not quite up to words yet. She has started imitating those around her and it's pretty adorable to watch. It was funny; when Dawn and I would laugh about something that there's no way she understood she would laugh too just to be laughing with/like us. Just so sweet.
I think the general response to my red hair has been positive. Which is nice to an attention slut like me. I really am thinking about going with black after Spring Break... or maybe make the red more permanent. I haven't quite decided yet (if you have an opinion let me know). But will have to wait until then since pharm interview is just before break and during break just seems silly. Unless I get pretty bored. Which isn't going to happen. I refuse to let it.

My mum is hilarious. Here is proof (since I can't think of anything funny to say right now and she has said enough for us both...) from an email I received yesterday...
"I have to admit - when I heard that Baby Girl had dyed her hair red, I had trepidation. I had doubts. I had fears. I had free-floating anxiety that could only be cured by receiving a little Shitzu puppy as a gift. Didn't get one thus the anxiety was not alleviated. I began to wonder what alternative uses that substitute saliva product might have and if perhaps this constituted an ear candling event. Then I secured my kahunas, grabbed a flyswatter, and took the plunge... I looked at the blog page to see unaltered photos of the red-headed diva... and liked it! You little devil, you....
I have canceled recess for today...the kids are not playing well and they need to learn a lesson. A is upset with B for taking too long to go over med orders, C is bad-mouthing D to E, who claims she didn't know to pick up mail. And F feels compelled to trot in here every 2 minutes with an update on a missing med.
Sure could use that shitzu puppy right about now... or at least a mixed-drink named after it that would infer similar spirit-lifting qualities.
Have a great evening and watch out for people on the bus with brown shoes....I suspect that most serial killers have an affinity for brown shoes and plastic watches."
---The only truly disturbing part of this is that Julia pointed out to me that Mel L has such an affinity for brown shoes and plastic watches. Will begin watching her closely and note if any of her residents disappear mysteriously. Ryan was smart to jump ship when he did... lol (you know I'm kidding and love ya Mel!!!) Speaking of Ryan, look him up on purevolume and leave him a lovely comment, okay?
Okay, enough for now. Howdy to all and love as well!
"I love the way you think but I hate the way you act" ~ Ben Harper