28 March 2005

Another Monday

Monday.... Happy Birthday Galen!
Classes went well this morning. I still need to be studying but this is more fun.
There's a
study out that says that I can blame my driving style (or lack-there-of) on my Mum. So thank you. I almost always speed, have no problem driving in crazy weather or at night, and enjoy curb-checks. And parallel parking is the devil's sick sense of humor. Actually it's funny to think about...
We had dinner at Carl's last night. He's a very good cook! My only complaint was that he wouldn't let us help with anything at all. Not a thing. He made us (Sharice, Julia, and me) sit in the living room while he finished. That was tough since I'm used to at least puttering around in the kitchen when anyone is messing in there. But the food was divine and he is to be commended. Some more of his friends showed up and we all had a blast chattering like magpies (6:1 female to male ratio... lucky Carl lol). He and Sharice had a continuous wrestling match that would pause briefly and then just as randomly start up again. Very funny. I love friendy friends! (Choking on small candies, slashed tires, stroking notebook, bathroom help, sitting on ice, IGC, etc... we're so funny!)
You know I'm a nerd so here are 2 links that I thought were super cool!
Neat bottle thing and Folding proteins!
I might just have a slightly chilly roommate on my hands at the moment... Sharice might just be miffed at me. Not even going to go into why. It's too stupid to explain with words. Crikey.
"Brian plays drums and he used to be cool now he acts dumb and is being a tool...
On a billboard now he's modeling Cargo shorts for Abercrombie. I don't get why Brian moved away... So if you know anyone who can play the drums have them give us a shout because Brian's a sell out. And when we asked him why he said we wouldn't understand..." Funny song called Brian's a Sellout by Hydraulic Sandwich (No, I didn't make up that band name... check
them out on Purevolume!)
It comes down to a choice... get busy livin' or get busy dyin'. -from The Shawshank Redemption


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