23 March 2005

Sushi's place

Huh... where to start? Today the weather is beautiful. A tad chilly but beautiful. Today has been fine. No complaints.
Monday tried its darnedest to upset me but it only partially succeeded. My bike is re-broke. Not sure if it's still the ball-bearing set or something completely different this time but the back wheel is frozen again. (Kinda funny... I had decided to ride to class and got about a block before the wheel decided not to roll anymore. Which is rather critical to riding on something that moves by rolling. Very frustrating but slightly funny. Still made it to class on time after taking the bus.) Various other obstacles presented themselves but to no avail since late in the afternoon, just before my evening lab, the dark storm clouds and the light sunny clouds met creating a beautiful sight. First we, Julia and I, saw rain sprinkles ahead of us. None on us or to either side, just in front! Then they continued moving over and past us. Very light sprinkling. The sun was shining on us and the sprinkles were just enough to be wet. As I crossed Lindsay to campus I looked East and saw two gorgeous rainbows, one just above the other! So pretty!!!! Made Monday nice in spite of the evil little problems.
Tuesday was nice. Except that Gilmore Girls was a rerun, no One Tree Hill, and our MTV shows aren't back on yet either. So we watched a bit of GG and then just surfed around. Made dinner before that. Yum.
Apparently someone who reads this site thinks I'm a hot, heartless bitch, which is, of course, the reason I'm single. I find that funny. First, why read my blog if you think I'm a bitch? Couldn't you find something more worthwhile to read if I'm really such an ogre? Second, I don't think a lack of personality is my biggest flaw (though of course I respect your opinion if you think otherwise) and even if it were, the whole trophy wife thing was a joke. Third, the whole idea of a trophy wife is to find one that is gorgeous, with or without personality. I'm not even sure that having a brain is required for that job. (Hmmm... trophy... sits there, looks pretty, and makes others jealous somehow... I think that's the whole idea, correct?) Anyway, thanks for the feedback and if you have any other opinions to share I would love to entertain new topics, ideas, theories, and/or derogatory remarks.
Here are some pictures of Sushi's new home...

Guess that's all for now. Hope you're having a wonderful day!!
Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth. -FDR


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