11 March 2005


Pharm interview was this morning.
I think it went pretty well. Found out that of the 500 or so applicants only about 200 were invited to interview and of those about 140 will be accepted to the program, either in OKC or at the Tulsa campus. So looks like I have decent odds.
And I must say it since there's no one else to... I looked quite hott. Wore one of my new shirts... Of the ten or so other girls there only one other wore a skirt. OOOhhhh and the P-3 that was on the board for my interview was a very nice looking fellow... yum. lol But don't tell. It really wasn't fair since he sat in the middle between the female faculty member and alumni. And he kept smiling a very nice smile which was bad since I already couldn't remember the correct words for what I wanted to say to their questions. I got to chat up my various competition while we waited in-between rotations. I've decided pharm school boys are either really nerdy or really cute. There is no middle ground so it seems. I didn't think such extreme distinctions existed but apparently...
The Union there is pretty nice. Has a coffee shop, computer lab, and workout area. Not as nice as the Huff but pretty darn nice. (Hard to beat the Huff). Did I mention everything is in one building and the Union is just next door? No running miles over campus to make it to class on time in just ten minutes! Wooo!
As for my pharm interview questions... The ones I remember include: Why do you want to become a pharmacist and why did you pick OU? What area of pharmacy would you like to go into? If you worked retail and an irate customer came in with a prescription that had been missfilled how would you handle the sitution (and, no, you don't know who missfilled it)? How would your friends describe you? What leadership positions have you held in extracurricular activities and what did you learn from them. What are your hobbies outside of school?
Those are all I can remember... my actual interview was about 20 minutes long and early this morning so... yeah... OH! And we had to write a short, one-page essay in 30 minutes. Very easy for me (come on, after AP History and AP English tests is one tiny page going to throw me?) Essay topic was something like, define what the word character means to you. What are three traits that make up character and why/describe? SOOO easy! I hate to admit it but writing all of those three-point essays (5 paragraph essay? I can't remember exactly what it's called...) sure helps when writing all other papers. Keeping it short was the hardest part since I'm used to using a ton of bs descriptive words to fill space on minimum page number papers. Good times.
Oh. And Julia, I got asked the Lohan question ("Does anyone ever tell you that you look just like that Lindsay Lohan girl?"- from a very old P-1, he thought it was funny...) Rat-nosed raddish eater. Grrr...
Okay, I'm sleepy and the cat is trying to sit on my keyboard so I suppose this is good night! Love ya'll and happy Spring Break!
"There is nothing in which people more betray their character than in what they laugh at." ~Goethe (I wish I had heard this before my essay... so would have used it!)


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