04 March 2005

It's much too late to make much sense

Yes it is 1:23 am. And yes I am writing a post. Yes, I have class today at 8:30. So? I'm awake and feel like writing. Not spelling well apparently since I have to keep backspacing but we'll see...
I no longer have a soul. It is now owned by the devil otherwise known as OChem. Test this evening kicked my arse, left me for dead, and even took my lunch money. (Okay so I'm lying about the lunch money part...) That's enough of such depresssing matters.
Got to see the last ten minutes or so of a state finals girls basketball game between Okarche and some other school... but it was in Moore. Julia, Sharice, and I road-tripped up to Moore real quick just to catch the last quarter. Quite funny. Got to see Julia's friend Danielle's little boy Gavin. He's adorable. Not as cute as Marie, of course, but still very darling.
I'm really liking this band on
purevolume called Hit the Lights... they're from Lima, OH. lol That is funny.
It was really, really foggy this morning. Which is nice to me. I like fog. It's kinda like mist which is rather like, well, my namesake and all. So I liked this morning even though it blocked out the sunrise I've become used to getting to see...
Julia and I made cupcakes when we got home from the basketball game... we're so goofy. But they are good. And stored very creatively (but not quite as creatively as I was trying to think out at first, huh Julia?) They're crammed into 2 tupperware containers, 1 mixing bowl with plastic wrap, 1 casserole dish, and 2 silverware holder-things covered with plastic wrap. That doesn't sound nearly as funny as it is. It's purely, awesomely ridiculous to look at. Julia and I almost died laughing it was so funny. Oh WOW! I'm going to have to post a pic of that one... It's still making me smile big.
I am so ready for Spring Break to get here. I feel just crazy right now and need some down time. Coach, please bench me for a minute? Please? Don't make me foul on purpose... just kidding, I don't know what I'm talking about.
Saw several people I know today that I hadn't seen in a while! Mitesh, Jordan, Priti, and Ryan while walking around, Morgan on the bus, Ann just after lab. That doesn't seem like much but I only had one lab today and then my test. I hardly ever see anyone I that I really know on campus, I mean I do see the people I've had in classes that I kinda-sorta know. But noone I actually know. Until today! Woo! Oh, yesterday someone said Hi to me and I didn't catch who it was... I was on my bike and couldn't turn fast enough to see. So if it was you I am truly sorry and hi back!
Okay that's enough. I HAVE to go to sleep now...

That which does not kill you will wish that it had. (you hear that ochem??? Yeah, man, it's on!)


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