15 February 2005

Sick. Want Puppy. Send Mail...

I don't know precisely why but various parts of my body don't feel connected and/or symbiotic anymore. Like my chin/jaw. Not sure it's there until I look in the mirror or touch it. My left ear decided to quit functioning completely. Nose is plugged up and eyes won't stop watering. It could be the cold-thing I am now entertaining. Maybe the antihistamines I'm on. Maybe the dehydration suffered from said antihistamines. I don't know. But at least it's all still very funny to me. When it is no longer funny that's when you know to call the paramedics.
Mum and Dad both called me this morning to make sure I was still alive. Awww. Makes me feel all warm inside to be loved. Yea!!!! (I'm sending internet hugs to you all since real ones might not be a good idea right now...)
Labs went alright. I didn't break anything and my results seem viable, for now anyway. Ended up not having that MBio quiz since the copier was broken. I know some TAs who wouldn't bat an eye at such an obstacle and would then proceed to make us take it on notebook paper off the overhead projector. But not my lovely TA. She decided to give us a break and just wait until the copier is fixed! YEA!!!! Was one of the first 10 people done in OChem lab today and you know what? It made me feel good. Good results and leaving early. Rock on! Could the day get any better? I donno... guess we'll have to see.
There was an adorable little puppy on the way home from campus. So adorable. I want a puppy. (DJ and Mike got a Pomeranian named Hercules and he's just precious!!!!) So yeah, I love Sushi and all but he isn't here and when he is, he isn't fluffy and petable. Maybe I could sneak Chaco in here for a weekend? Nah, too risky and too much fur to hide. But would be fun.
Oh! Did you know Prince Charles is getting married in April? He is. To Camilla Something-Bowles (who has a very ugly ring to show for it. But that's just my opinion.) Best wishes to them, of course!
Think it's time for a short nap preceeded by a cup of hot tea. Good evening to ya'll and I love you! (If you have my apartment address please send me some snail mail? We hardly even get junk mail...)
"I'm sick of aggravation yet I thought I'd give it a little time but I feel a whole lot weaker. I'm sick of what you gave me, a borrowed gift to practice those misty eyes." ~Ashton Nyte


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