28 January 2005

HUGE post because I have so much to say!!!

Sorry for the whiny post before. Ya'll don't deserve that kind of complaining.
This week has been so crazy. So many funny things for me to talk about...
I'm 2 for 2 on breaking glassware in organic chem lab. Woohoo! Bull in a china shop!
Dawson (as in Dawson's Creek) has a brother/cousin/clone in my chem class. He was also in zoo with me last year. I'll keep ya posted on celebrity sightings...
I succeeded in CLEPing out of American Government and thus was able to drop that course Thursday. Totally made the day great. The guy administering the test was goofy and seemed to think I BSed my way through it or something since it only took me about 45 minutes of the hour and a half we have to take it. No, dude, I'm just that freakin' awesome! lol
It's kinda sad though that I dropped government class since it was looking to be my easiest class this semester. Eh, oh well.
Isn't it funny how different people eat the same things in different ways? I watched this kid eat a granola bar this morning in class (yeah, I was that bored) and he opened just the top seal of the wrapper and pushed the bar up to eat it. Me, I would have unwrapped it completely and then just used the wrapper to hold it while I ate it. I've seen people tear off the wrapper at the middle and proceed from there. Just funny that we all have different ways of doing the exact same thing. Funny and nice.
Oh my, I almost forgot! I saw a squirrel almost land on this guy's head the other day. He was walking under a tree and didn't even see the squirrel at all but it seemed all but impossible that the squirrel would miss his head. Barely did, by about 2 inches. Made me laugh out loud which caused the unwitting almost-victim to look at me like I was demented. Maybe he likes squirrels on his head.
It snowed this morning. Like crazy. And I still rode my bike to class. Was quite a great time, let me tell ya. I just loved it. My bike was covered in snow after that first class so I left it there until I was completely done with classes. By then it was mostly cleared off. Discovered a new kind of yellow snow - chalk snow is also yellow... You know, those chalkings they do on campus sidewalks about various events no one really goes to... they create yellow snow too! Made me laugh when I realized what it was. I'm so immature.
To further prove that point... I tried to put my mittens on my feet accidentally this morning. Had my shoes on the floor there and was holding my mittens and in my head I knew that something else went on my feet so I started putting mittens on my feet. They don't fit feet well. Just FYI in case you wanted to try too. lolAnother thing about this weird weather... It makes people either grumpier or happier. As I walked on campus a bunch of people had huge smiles on their faces. Now, maybe I had something on my face but I like to think it's because they're enjoying dealing with the snow too. Because, honestly, it's fun and funny. Kinda a pain to walk or drive through, true, but one of God's wonders all the same.
Just got done watching Napoleon Dynamite with my darling roommates. It was alright. Not like the best movie ever but funny none-the-less.

Hey, if you live in Norman go to the Men's Gymnastics meet tonight! It's gonna be awesome!
Do you know what trans-3,6-diethyl-2,4,4-trimethylbicyclo[4,3,1]decane-1,7-dioic acid looks like? I don't really either but I should. Supposedly learned what that was today. Who knew?
I have to wear shorts and a tee-shirt to Physiology lab next week. That's what I get for volunteering for things before finding out what else I have to do as well. Good times. I'm supposed to sit in a tent for an hour on a (either heated or cooled) mattress and let them take my temperature, blood pressure, etc. I can hardly wait.... lol The only reason I volunteer was because no one else was and I wanted to be able to leave on time. The things I do for punctuality.
We made cupcakes yesterday. They were muy yummy. We took some to Nick and Alex, Morgan didn't want any nor did FiSH. Silly boys. Took some to Carl too. He was really hurtin' from his (off-season?) workout. Apparently they had to do something called duckwalking? I'm not sure on the terminology but sounds like it might make you sore. He and Sharice are a hoot, just FYI. Love 'em to bits.
By the way, here is a good time to mention that Julia makes me be the adult much too often. I'm the middle kid here and I don't wanna be the adult. Mean ole Julia Louise. Ni. lol (I cross my eyes in your general direction!)
Physiology lab yesterday was a trip to the library to teach us how to use the library resources. We're not all at least sophomores or anything. Anyhoo it was quite funny as I ended up sitting between two sorority sisters (who happen to know several people I do... small world). One read her romance novel the whole time and the other played on Facebook. Oh, wait. That was in-between moaning about how boring and uncool this was and how they each hoped they never turned out as uncool as this librarian lady. It was boring and all but they were very adamant about how terrible it was. Funny gals. Not to be one to over-stereotype people, I will say they accepted me very quickly and were very friendly to me. (I don't know but that's not actually saying much since I look just like them, talk like they do, and am obviously from "their kind" of people. But now I just sound snobby and mean so I'll stop. I apologize.)
Talked to Henry from HS before that fun physio trip. (He graduated a couple of years before I did.) Was funny how much gossip he knew about the people we went to school with. He's something else. Started out at West Point but got hurt so came back here and is making the best of things. Reminds me somewhat of my uncle Ed. Military, blunt, and barely tactful. But funny. Good times and such a small world.
Well, now I'm off to go make dinner. Yum. Before I go, here's a link to some hilarious college quotes that I promised Julia to put in. Love ya'll!!!

It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it. - Voltaire (not sure he was talking about snow but he might have been, right? lol)


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