24 April 2008

Mentoring Can Wait

I'm supposed to be writing about my mentoring experience for a paper that is due Monday but what am I doing right now? Ha! Not writing that paper! I'm rebelling! For the next several minutes! Muahahahaha...
School makes me crazy. Add in wedding showers, beautiful weather that I don't have time to play in, plus an unhealthy lack of motivation to study for school and you get a mess that is just barely making sure to get things done in time. Okay, so I'm selling myself short a little here but just barely. That assignment that's due tomorrow? Yeah, I just wrote that tonight. So it is done slightly before it's due. Touche.
The most recent wedding showers I went to were nice, I do have to admit that. Stuart's was lovely and his reaction to the xbox that us pharm kids got for him was gratifying to say the least (his fiance didn't look *quite* as pleased as he did). Krystal's was full of sweet treats and pharmy girls; Her enthusiasm really kept the party alive. (I got her a bottle of wine, a shot glass, and a couple of cookbooks. Can you see where my priorities lie?)
Okay so back to writing that paper.... I hope to enter Finals week a better person that has discipline and motivation out the wazoo... Or at least a person who doesn't eat everything in sight and studies enough to pass. Whichever happens, Love to all and to all a good night!

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13 April 2008

Yet another day in the rut of paradise

Same old rush, same old me. Nothing earth shattering has happened lately, thank goodness. Isn't that truly a blessing? A bit odd to wrap my mind around but it is a blessing to have a rut, a beloved rut, to enjoy each day with the knowledge that every now and then you can hop the curb, take a little jaunt into adventure and then hop back into that rut. Beautiful.
The dogwoods and redbuds are blooming with the daffodils. I love spring! It's this season in Oklahoma that makes me remember a tinge of regret at leaving my botany "back-up major" path for my pharmacy college goal. Just a tinge but still...
Skronky has/had morchella mushrooms in his front yard (also known as morels) this past week. Didn't notice them last year so we assume the soil was effected by all of the downed tree branches from the winter ice storm that sat there and decayed in his yard for several weeks. They're edible but I didn't really notice that they were all that flavorful or terribly special. Perhaps the wonderful taste was obscured by the other flavors in the lasagna we made this afternoon?
Helped with the Big Event for the 4th year in a row last weekend. Our little group was sent to a community center that has after school programs for the neighborhood children to aid in cleaning their crafts room and work over the flowerbeds that had gotten a little overgrown. Always a good time.
Pharmacy Celebration this Saturday was interesting. The food was decent and the company was terrific but the flower centerpieces were... tactfully, I'll say they left a little to be desired. And calling them "flower" centerpieces would be more truthful as there were precious few actual flowers in attendance. I wore a truly vintage dress (a cute little black number that my lovely aunt got for me ages ago at an estate sale - it's been biding its time for so long but it was fabulous!) and my mum's pearls so I felt like a lady out on the town. Skronky escorted me and performed his duties as squire, taking the job so seriously as to help me reach the butter across the table when I was in distress over the naked state of my bread. Such a gentleman. Everyone looked so lovely and contributed such lively conversation that we hardly minded the awards ceremony in the background. (I jest, of course we listened attentively!)
Had out-of-state family in town last week. My cousins are growing up so fast, it's amazing. I remember the very day the oldest one was born (we were out of school for a snowday) and it's so strange (in a good way) to see her now, to see how much she's grown into herself and all the nuances of her personality that are forming. (That's the sort of realization that makes me scared to be a parent someday - that I could somehow be responsible, and purportedly qualified, for helping a child form into the person they will become.)
Well off to bed and dreamland... Love and best wishes to all!

"Shall I not call God the Beautiful, who daily showeth himself so to me in his gifts?" -Emerson

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