24 April 2008

Mentoring Can Wait

I'm supposed to be writing about my mentoring experience for a paper that is due Monday but what am I doing right now? Ha! Not writing that paper! I'm rebelling! For the next several minutes! Muahahahaha...
School makes me crazy. Add in wedding showers, beautiful weather that I don't have time to play in, plus an unhealthy lack of motivation to study for school and you get a mess that is just barely making sure to get things done in time. Okay, so I'm selling myself short a little here but just barely. That assignment that's due tomorrow? Yeah, I just wrote that tonight. So it is done slightly before it's due. Touche.
The most recent wedding showers I went to were nice, I do have to admit that. Stuart's was lovely and his reaction to the xbox that us pharm kids got for him was gratifying to say the least (his fiance didn't look *quite* as pleased as he did). Krystal's was full of sweet treats and pharmy girls; Her enthusiasm really kept the party alive. (I got her a bottle of wine, a shot glass, and a couple of cookbooks. Can you see where my priorities lie?)
Okay so back to writing that paper.... I hope to enter Finals week a better person that has discipline and motivation out the wazoo... Or at least a person who doesn't eat everything in sight and studies enough to pass. Whichever happens, Love to all and to all a good night!

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