10 January 2008


I keep meaning to post, forgetting to post, then remembering but not having time, then forgetting again... Vicious cycle.
And I'm tired. Done with the lortab and ibuprofen all the time just to keep the pain away but still can't yawn too big or it hurts my throat. But that's not why I'm tired, just a byproduct. Back to work this week. Leadership retreat today. Keeping busy.
I feel/felt bereaved today as I was told (really just confirmed what I already thought but hoped not) by the head of student affairs that I could not continue as an officer in any of the school organizations since I am now on academic probation. [Which I earned in pharmacy practice class via an ending grade of 68.76% =D for a one hour credit class. The Final was 46% of our ending grade if that gives you a clue as to why I failed.] This ruins my next year and a half since I get a lot of my enjoyment of school from being involved and helping plan events through my several organizations; Being on probation means losing my officer positions AND being ineligible to run for ones for next year as those elections are held just before we leave for the summer while I'm still on probation. I know it wouldn't be fair for them to bend the rules for me but it still hurts knowing I'm leaving people on the line to deal with this, to cover my positions while I still have so much to offer and not being involved would have little impact on my grades. Sucks. But that's life, huh?
Really that's all I have on my mind right now. I'll try to get an update on sooner that is happier and more colorful. Love to all and blessings too!


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