18 November 2007

Fall Fumble

Strange combination feeling of being trapped under an avalanche of things to do and yet not experiencing much concern about said entrapment.
Helped Mum make rolls this morning. The baking bread still smells wonderful. Grandmum's side of the family meets for Thanksgiving together today (thus the rolls since the other alternative is suffering through doughy store-bought monstrosities). Mum & I vote for an open-bar but I doubt anyone else would agree to such.
Marie's 4th birthday is a week from Tuesday and am still pondering what she NEEDS for a gift. Have a couple items of clothing and plan on some sort of toy with it... Maybe playdoh? Who knows...
The OU-TTech game yesterday was horrid. Such an upset. Argh.
Having Friday out of school for Statehood Day was lovely though. Gave me some time to play catch up on all this school stuff. Oh and hang out with the Skronky boy too, of course. He's doing alright, if you were wondering; Enjoying the lovely weather and puttering around in his yard as much as possible.
Reviewing my blog tracker I have to wonder who in Alabama is so enthralled with my blog as to check it SO often. I don't even check it THAT many times a week, much less a day! No offense intended but at least leave a comment or something now and then, huh?
Love and Happy wishes to all - Hope your Fall festivities are delightful!


Anonymous Anonymous adoringly said...

Hey, sorry for checking it often. I like your writing,what you put out there is good enough to read and have a laugh. I showed this to a few of my friends and they all agree. Thanks for brightening up my days. Have a lovely day.

12:55 PM  

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