19 October 2007

Interesting prescription - for crazy

Had quite an experience at my site visit yesterday at a local not-for-profit medication/health assistance institution... a patient came in to have 4 prescriptions filled. Three of them we filled without incident but the 4th we just plain did not have in stock (their stock depends on what has been donated by private donors and the local hospital and nursing homes as well as what is cheap enough for them to buy with their meager funds). When the tech told the patient that we could not fill that particular prescription (which was for an inhaler solution, not anything that should be critical to life) the patient got nasty. "It is your personal responsibility for killing me Lindy, for threatening to not give me my medicine!" The tech hadn't threatened her at all, just let her know we did not have that in stock but that if she had time to visit with the clinic's doctor we could get it changed to something we did have. The patient then continued with random accusations and threats until security came to escort her from the building. Outside the building she raised such a fuss that the police came and arrested her! The tech was so shaken up that she stayed in the office for about an hour or so. Crazy, huh? We were swamped with just the pharmacist and me entering and filling for an hour.
I've been keeping busy with school... Mum and Dad just got back from their vacation. I'm glad to have them home. It was pretty lonely at the house by myself (with the dogs of course), even if it was for just a couple of days. Forced myself to study, hopefully that pays off later. Lots of planning and organizing to do for everything school related. I feel like I'm losing touch with my friends from undergrad & HS...
Dawn called last Friday to let me know she and her husband are expecting! Yay and congrats!


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