25 August 2007

Bak 2 skul

Golly! I'm back finally!
After the ropes course I went to Arkansas (Conway to be exact) with Skronky to help Skronky's bosses move (I'll call them Jack and Jill, just for shortness sake... They both worked with him and are married which confused the heck out of me at first) there from 'round here. I mostly just helped entertain their daughter L who is around four years old and just hilarious, as most kids are at that age. (Honestly, she's the kid who is most like a 22yo me in 4yo child form that I've ever met... Good or bad, we're a lot alike) Did you know that even though you can get 6 point beer in wet counties of Arkansas you cannot buy any at all on Sundays? And that there are dry counties there?? And that Conway is not in Conway County? How strange is that?? Though everyone on our trip was nice and polite it was a very, very frustrating three days for me due to a lack of control over anything. I got to pick when I went to the bathroom and what I wore each day but that's really about it. Everything else was pretty much not up to me which is/was maddening when you consider how much control I have, or feel I have anyway, over my life each day. Good times.
Right after we got back I had to get started on Pharm Orientation stuff. Copied off frat handouts, stuffed folders, hung white coats, and general organization. Then came the P1s. Nice to have a new set of faces around but it's going to take a while to learn all the names. I even got to help with several portions of their orientation, including making a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich per their EXACT directions. It was hard acting stupid and taking the directions for exactly what they said. (Like when they told me to take out 2 pieces of bread I ripped open the bag sending most of the bread flying across the room. Two remained so I took those out and waited for my next order.)
This last Saturday night/Sunday morning there was torrential rain and high winds in my hometown, with flooding in the town just 20 miles north. The power at my parent's house even went out for several hours! Things are back to normal at our house by now, of course, but do pray for those who lost so much to the flooding. From what I saw the rebuilding and cleanup will take months...
School started back up Monday. Dork began at my college alma mater after moving in to the dorms; Seems like he had a good week. My classes aren't easy but should be slightly less difficult than my first semester at pharm college. Am currently gearing up for Rush in less than a month so happy thoughts toward me retaining my sanity!
Well, I'm off... Happy weekend!


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