08 July 2007

Sunday Turnstyle

Happy (Late) Birthday Miss Julia! Hope ya had fun (I know I did)!

Busy weekend. Managed to make a skirt last week and get both halves of my tee shirt quilt sewn together (now just have to decide how I want to attach them to the middle guts and bind the edges...). The Fourth of July was pretty nice. Had work but still not too bad. Mum made some awesome tacos Saturday evening... OOOoooh so good!!!

Semi-Quick rant:
So... Lately I've been dealing with some super lovely people who have issues that they just don't know how to handle correctly. Talking badly about your superior(s) or co-workers doesn't help issues get better/reach a mutually positive outcome, especially when it's just blatant, disrespectful gossip/speculation. And talking badly about your inferiors in front of them doesn't really inspire good-will either. Just a thought. I may be only an intern still in school but I do know that much...
Next set: If you've come into an office by nomination and then election in any organization, where you had the chance to turn down the nomination from the beginning, it's just plain disrespectful to completely ignore leadership when they ask for your input on YOUR project, even more so when said leadership takes the time to try to accommodate your schedule time-and-again. These are just a few folks I've had the pleasure of brushing into in life... Venting can be helpful, sure, but I really have no excuses for the other set of infuriating individuals.



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