19 June 2007

Take it for granted...

The things we take for granted... Even what we see as very simple to accomplish or know... Have you stopped to think how many others in the world, your hometown, or even just next door have no idea how or the ability to do the things you take for granted? It can be startling when you really get to pondering that...
I just helped a co-worker save a file to his flashdrive ("memory stick") because he couldn't remember how to do it himself for a big presentation he's giving later this week. He's a well-established professional in his field but had to ask an intern how to do something...
Often when I visit my grandmum she has issues with her new cell phone. It's locked or there is a missed message that she doesn't know how to access, etc. For my brother and me figuring out how to work her phone is fairly easy and takes just a minute or two. For Grandmum it's very complicated and not worth wasting the time to figure out because it would take so long. She knows, instead, how to quickly, completely debone a chicken without wasting anything and cook it up with all the fixin's. Heck, I'm sure she knows how to catch and kill the chicken, too, if neccesary. Those are things I wouldn't even know how to begin and if I did managed to get started, would probably take me hours. After years of working in a department store she's an expert at picking the right sizes for other people whereas I have trouble even figuring out my own size when out shopping.
Not that there's a real point to this post, just a request that you think about your talents/gifts and remember to be thankful for all that you are and have. Much love and Happy Tuesday!


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