06 May 2007

Begging and procrastination

I'm busy with finals studying-ness but since Tuesday is my birthday I thought right now a good time to beg everyone for a comment sometime this week! Please? Even if you remain anonymous on it, that works for me! Or if not a full-fledged comment then at least a happy thought (for passing finals?) in my direction, yes? Thank you in advance!!! ;)

Ever notice how hard it is to get motivated to study?
My test Monday, for example, I only need to make a 65% (of 200 questions, so roughly 129 right) to pass the class, 76% to make a B, and an A to make an A (a deal the course coordinator has with us since he knows there's no way anyone is making an A on this final - due to one "very wonderful" lecturer who is so "very kind" in writing questions that make sense and even "more kind" in being understanding &/or human about very blatantly correct-but-'wrong' responses...). It's going to be one of those tests that are just so insanely hard with very vague short-answer responses and very, very few multiple choice questions. Definitely something to look forward to, right? But I have enough confidence in my ability to BS that I think I can pull off a 65% without any problem... Who knows though... Back to studying...

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