18 April 2007

Sarcasm? What's that??

Pharmacy school, hey, high school called - It wants its drama back! And all the not-so-subtle manipulation! Oh, and the crappy t-shirt designs! Whew, better return that bunk before it piles up in the hall and EVERYONE in the college gets an email about needing to clean it up (if you're responsible for it, of course, since there have been *complaints*). Maybe we should just make an unfounded accusation related to charitable endeavors and send THAT to the entire school. Wouldn't that make you happy?
Crikey people, seriously!
Also, we are not letting you guys use real isopropol alcohol to clean the sterile hoods so you don't "squirt anyone in the eye" with it. I don't care that you drive a car to school everyday, vote, dispense prescriptions, and use the syringes that have actual, real needles in this same lab, we're *not* going to take a chance on any alcohol-in-eye accidents! (Who cares if you've had over twenty hours of various lab work prior to this, often with hazardous and/or volatile materials much worse than alcohol and somehow managed to survive with BOTH of your eyes intact! By the way, how DID you manage that???)
I so very much wish I were joking about any of that...
Immunology test today was less than wonderful but I think I at least passed. BioStats tomorrow to look forward to taking. Friday brings a Kappa Psi dinner event and broomball. Weekend looks like studying to catch up in principles of drug action (affectionately called PDA) for the test next week. Yay school!



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I sense some hostilities against school from this entry...

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