28 February 2007

Walking in Memphis...

Had a busy weekend in rainy Memphis. The KY Conclave was interesting; I'm glad I went. My Brothers are a fun group... And I wrote down a ton of ideas to try to impliment this next year when I'm pledgemaster. KY is pretty big at some schools and they have tons of traditions that we just don't do at ours for whatever reason (one that I'm thankful we don't is a very tacky song... we don't need that one...).
Not feeling terribly creative right now, ideas-wise; a little tapped out from the long ride home and the drudgery of school so far this week. Just picking out what to wear this morning was horrible since I just couldn't decide and everything sounded stupid. I made it to class with clothes on but who knows if they made/make any sense. (Side note: everyone around me was wearing stripes, I was too, so it must have been a great day for stripes, huh?)
Looking forward to helping with admissions interviews at the CoP this weekend. I remember how it felt to be a pharm-wannabe so I hope I can help them feel as comfortable and welcome as possible. Of the around 200 total being interviewed roughly 140 will get in, so being friendly and outgoing now wouldn't be a horrible idea so as to start to get to know the incoming P1 class early.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week!



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