30 January 2007

Crafts and why doing it yourself is funny

For those of you who live in a house where DIY is loved, if not wisely, but too well then you should check this out... it's pretty funny... And hits wayyyy too close to home.
Also, as I roamed the internet (translation: spent way too much time on a crafting forum) I found people who do a very silly thing. They not only dress their pets in clothing but they MAKE the clothing themselves!!! So that the clothing fits well and matches their pets' colouring! WHY???? I made the mistake of thinking that pet related crafts would be things like dog bones, toys, and cheap beds, obviously not realizing that about 80% or more was CLOTHES for PETS!!! Eeeek! Madness. You should see it for yourself... HERE!
School is keeping life busy. Love to all!
(And the duck story... Thanks T.A.E.! How crazy would it be to open your fridge and have a duck jump out? But I ask you, did they really have to name the duck "Perky"???? )



Anonymous Anonymous adoringly said...

Haha! Of course they had to call it Perky, the story would lose some of its "human interest" otherwise.


At least they didn't call it "Quackers" or something.


12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous adoringly said...

Ok, I don't think you are going to like this, but since you posted about human interest stories I seem to come across them every time I open my web browser.

First we had Perky the duck (btw - I think he has since appeared on a chat show). Then yesterday I saw "Lucky" and "Charm" (I can't help but feel that you will appreciate their names as much as you did Perky's) the lambs:


Today, I find there is a whole website devoted to this kind of stuff ( I guess it's inevitable that there would be...)


Seeing as your posting of 21st Jan exhibited such unadalterated joy for all things human interest, I thought it only right that I should share!


2:40 PM  

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