08 January 2007

A Cold + Some Fish

I am still alive! I survived my first cold attack of 2007. [We're assuming it was a cold since it's not allergy weather and I didn't really have any symptoms that pointed to, oh say, the plague. (Or plaque!)]
So I spent most of this last week (from Saturday to Friday, literally) puttering around the house, taking meds according to a schedule, sleeping very often, occasionally helping with home improvement projects about as much as a zombie can, and not wearing any makeup, contacts, or matching clothing. Grandmum came by sometime mid-week and declared that I looked very pale. To which I had to chuckle to myself since, duh, I am very pale. I suppose she just hasn't seen me without makeup in years, plus the glasses I hardly ever wear in public, compounded by the fact that I had *just* woken up when she arrived (ie the doorbell woke me up!). Yay for such complimentary observations!
Skronky and I went to get my Christmas fish today! They're two very cute Harlequin Rasboras! He had gotten me a little aquarium for Christmas with a certificate to the aquarium/fish place to get some swimmers after the "bowl" was ready for them (it's not really a bowl, rather more squarish? Not sure how to describe but bowl is much quicker to type) so we finally picked them out today. They're currently in my room enjoying their new home (I assume since they've not been very vocal about it), swimming around very prettily. Skronky, having been given the authority to name one of them, chose "Heifer" so I now have the task of choosing a name for the other one. Mum suggested "Helga" but I think they might both be boys so that might not be quite fitting... Any suggestions? (Others that I've thought of include: Cowboy, Boomer, Hoss, Sundance... Please help?)
Well, hope ya'll are enjoying life and living it to the fullest! Shoot me a comment with your fish name suggestion, please, and I'll let ya know what I picked later this week!

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