21 November 2006

Tuesday of Break

Passed that neuro physio test so now it's Break time! Woohoo!!
On the way home passed a billboard sign... Huge picture of a woman and it looks like someone drew a mustache on her! I get most of the way past before I figured out that it was a shadow from a very nearby lamppost! Farther down the road are a posse of cherrypickers all with their arms raised up toward the sky like they were dancing together! Bunch of longhorns at a little farm pond near the highway, just hanging out and enjoying the sunny weather. A guy driving a girly truck like mine with bumper stickers on it for a sorority, butterflies, etc... I hope it's his sister's or girlfriend's. I think it would be totally neat to get one of the really huge animal statues like they have at the Statuary World near the highway and just put it in your front yard for like a week. See if anyone says anything. OOoh or right after a snow, make it look like you made a huge snow animal!!! That would be great! (Lame, I know but I'm mostly brain-tired after studying the brain for so long)


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