17 November 2006

Wedding stupidness

Strange little thought... Today during class I was sitting in the middle of a conversation between two friends, one male and the other female. Apparently the girl just got engaged thus that was obviously what they had to talk about so he congradulated her. Then they discussed how stressful planning all that is but how she doesn't "complain about planning the wedding since [her fiance] is planning [their] life." To which the fellow replied something to the effect that her fiance shouldn't mind her complaining about it since all that planning is stressful and the wedding day is something girls dream about since they were little. -This is where I wanted to gag. Maybe I don't remember being a little girl or I was a strange little girl (okay, no matter what I was strange) but my wedding day was not something I obsessed over or even really thought much about. Even now I don't think about it until something stupid like this comes up. I understand why actually getting married is such a big deal but to freak out over the ceremony, which should just celebrate the love the two of you share, is just stupid. As long as you both are happy and enjoy your wedding day I don't understand why people (and by people I mean some girls/women) obsess about it so much, causing themselves and those around them to have panic attacks or overstress to the point that they regret even thinking about weddings. I've been an active part in at least five weddings in my life, ranging from simple to crazy, and have to say I prefered the simple. Anyway, not something I plan on worrying about for a few years at least, just had to rant because it seemed a rant=worthy topic... Love ya'll!


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