30 October 2006

Halloween Weekend Extraordinaire

Been so very busy! Had a great weekend and thought of tons of things to tell ya'll but I'll try to limit it a bit. Went to Tulsa Friday for a Kappa Psi function at a poolhall. There was quite a collection of interesting people there, not including the KY's. At one point while I was hanging out with fellow (female) pledges listening to the live band an old man that looked just like Anthony Hopkins (but with ONLY one tooth) asked all of us girls to dance. He kept at us for about two minutes until it was painfully obvious that none of us were going to say yes (in our defense he truly reeked of alcohol and we didn't want any problems), he jumped out on the floor by himself and yelled, "I wish a pretty lady would dance with me!" When he finally got done dancing alone he went back to his table and sent the waitress over to find out if any of us were 21 years old, so he could buy us drinks. Needless to say we politely declined again but it does make for a fun story. The rest of the night was fairly uneventful but very fun. Saturday saw me headed, as Southern Comfort with my boyfriend Sacramental Wine, to a fellow Pharm-1's house for a Halloween Party (the theme was Alcoholic beverages drinking alcoholic beverages). Had a lovely time and really enjoyed finally hanging out with the pharm kids outside of school. Spent Sunday just hanging out (read: NOT studying for the first weekend in forever!!!!) The weather is getting chillier. And I like it very much. Busy this week with Kappa Psi pledge stuff (so much to do still!) and studying for various tests. It's hard to get motivated since our next test isn't until next week and the really hard ones are still a couple of weeks off. Well, love and Happy Halloween to everyone!


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