03 October 2006

Studying makes me ramble incessantly

Wow. The weekend was almost here and then it was gone, just like that! Went by sooooo fast!
Had to paint my nails yesterday because in DDS Lab I managed to dye some of my fingers pink with watermelon flavoring... When it gets in the nail polish you already have on it sticks, apparently. Who knew?
Went thrift store shopping again... Hauled in 2 pairs of pants, 2 mens shirts, and, I think, 6 womens shirts, most long sleeve, all mall brands. For about $30 even. Aren't I awesome? This time there wasn't even anything that needed fixing (last time had to rehem some cute pants). Yay for being so freakin' cheap!!!
I'm still feeling kinda yuck. I completely blame it on school and my lack of sleep in lieu of studying. But it's weird... My intercostals hurt when I breath in sometimes, never had that happen before. So instead of "bringing sexy back" I'm bringing back something cooler. Like the Plague. (Gee, I really hope not though. That would Suck beyond comprehension.)
So many things to talk about and yet none of them really hit the spot like free advertising for the new Starbuck's that's going up in the next town over from my hometown. It will be only 12-15 minutes now between their insanely expensive but very yummy coffee drinks and me. Does this count as progress???
Happy October!!! Should I dress up this year for Halloween?? I'm thinking... maybe? If there's a party to go to or something fun like that. Otherwise, I plan to slack off and probably go to bed early that night. That's pretty much my plan on any night I don't have to study these days. Very exciting times are these.
We lost our flagfootball game Sunday against the team-to-beat this year, the PT/OT upperclassmen girls. It was close, they only won by one touchdown. Not to be rude though, but some of them gals were big. They ran over our poor little blockers (neither of our blockers is over 5'5" and weight-wise very skinny) and really didn't seem to care if anyone got hurt. (Someone said they got pushed, pushed back, and got told, "You're stupid". Now I find that just hilarious. I would have made a face at her or said something smart to get really beaten up.)
Right now I'm just killing time after my 2nd physio and TB tests until Bid day for the pharm frats at lunch. Yep. Fast times at.... oooo Did I almost use that cliche?? Ouch.
Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week thus far. (Julia, I read your comment earlier but for the life of me, my brain is so shot that I can't remember what it was about nor what I meant to say in response...??? I'll get back at ya later, deal?) Love and happy thoughts!


Blogger Julia adoringly said...

All the underclassmen PT/OT girls are amazons. And we're all mean too. haha...I wonder who it was who called one of your teammates stupid. If it's any consolation, I'm sure it was just from the massive amount of stress we're all under. Seriously...if I'm still alive by the 16th I will be surprised...

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