21 September 2006

Caffeine Caper

So. Apparently lots of caffeine, ala Starbucks from the Union, makes me very awake in class. Also giggly. Which is bad when your professor's first language is NOT English thus causing him to make up words randomly... OH! And one of the Dental students was asleep on his notebook a chair over from me, with his nose smushed into said notebook in a sleeping pose that did not look remotely comfortable. That was bad enough. I was trying soooo hard not to laugh (meaning I was staring at him while avoiding eye contact with my pharm friends whom I'd already alerted to the situation). Then he woke up, making funny sounds and rubbing his nose. That almost killed me since once I'm in a giggly mood it's like trying to stop Niagra Falls from flowing, that's how hard it is for me to not laugh. So I kinda made a "snork" sound and choked as I tried to cover for the "snork". That was one interesting class...
"Tragic poets have a saying: nothing's wilder than a woman!" ~Aristophanes


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