03 September 2006

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Baby shower: Fun and funny. Aren't they always a hoot? From vulturous little girls who want to win the clothes pin game to the older women's "jokes, " it's all a good time. The paternal grandmama-to-be was especially a hoot. (At one point when everyone was talking about their children and grandbabies, she turned to me and asked, "So are you next?" Everyone stopped talking and stared alternately at her or me, waiting for my answer. I managed to stammer out, "Well, I'd like to wait to have kids until I'd done with college and hopefully married, ya know." Turns out she says she meant for "wedding bells" but since no one had been talking about marriage or weddings I don't know how anyone was to know that was her intent and not babies, which we HAD been talking about all evening. Pretty much all of the other single, non-moms there shot me grins, thankful I'd been the victim of that one and not one of them.) Good cake, good punch, cute presents, and I always enjoy talking to Skronky's mum and sis. His mum busted out the old pictures for me when the party was pretty much over so I got to laugh at some of his funny, mischievous faces over the years. One in particular was hilarious because he looked like a little boy about to do something GREAT and get into big trouble for it.
Feeding ducks at the Duck Pond today was fun. Really, we ended up feeding the fish. They're a hoot. Turtles there too!
There was a song on the way home today that made me teary, Heartland's I Loved Her First. Country songs are great at making me emotional...
Saturday I was strangely monochromatic in all brown... now I know how the UPS guy feels.
It frightens me how many of the pictures loaded on photobucket are anime icons or anime fan pics... Like, whoa.
Aww I just found a Lady and the Tramp Icon... and I just remembered that I've watched that movie about a million times... Didn't you always hate the siamese cats? I sure did. I hated them with the burning of a hundred fires... or maybe just long enough to get to the part where the speeding car in the rain hits the Scotty dog? Or was it the hound dog it hit? I don't remember but I remember crying about that. I was a strange little girl. I loved Bambi even though several animals die but Lady and the Tramp made me sad because one of the dogs got hit? Weird...
And now back to studying! Happy Labor Day! Hope yours is full of fun and laughter!


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