24 August 2006

Pharm on a roll

Guess who just picked up her ID for pharm school? And is currently posting from the Pharm college student lounge? Yes, me! WOOO!!!
Had 3 classes, 1 class meeting, and 1 research lecture. Went okie dokie, other than having forgotten my biochem notes at home. Somehow I completely forgot we had that class today so I conciously did not pack my notes. Arrgh. I just sat there and did a Su Do Ku (that I brought to keep me awake in a different class) as I listened to the lecture. It wasn't until about five minutes into the lecture that I remembered that the lectures are "taped" and available online after class so I could have left and had an early lunch instead of just sitting there sort of following along but since he had already started I was stuck. Good times. Then all of us P-1's thought we had a class meeting but none of us knew if that meant we were to stay in our lecture room or go get food or what was going on or if indeed anything was even going on or... Well, you get the picture. Chaos. I got a couple of rocking strawberry poptarts from the vending machine just in case and I must admit to being very well pleased with my choice. (Julia - I'd say what I called said "food" in our apartment but I do try to keep this page G rated...) Anyway, the meeting happened, with neither our help, approval, or dissent. I now know who to talk to when I'm sick, need psychiatric counciling, Student Services, the Student Association, or what to do if the picture they have on the roster next to my name is not of me. I feel very well informed.
Anyway, this has been a boring, pharm-centric post and I do appologize. Pharm is all I've done today so it's all I have to talk about. Love to you all and leave me a comment if there is something better I could talk about to entertain you! ((hugs))


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