19 August 2006

Orientation down, 4 years to go

I have survived orientation! Ya'll can let out that collective sigh of relief now.
And I have been prepared with much warning and advice that I WILL be stressed about school this year and I WILL have trouble keeping up with my family and friends so, assuming that they know more than I, if I happen to not update this for a while, especially on crazy weeks, please do forgive me?
Nothing much else going on for me. Trying to get around and visit a bunch of friends before Monday. Visited Grandmum Thursday. Oh! I took her to fill a prescription at the local mom and pop pharmacy downtown... My old babysitter and her husband own it actually, and they just had to bring up old, funny stories about when I was little with their daughter. Man, they were a hoot! Terribly embarrassing but a hoot none-the-less. (The sort of stories you wish everyone would forget but since you were just a toddler you don't remember yourself)
Happy weekend everyone!!!


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