01 August 2006

Lake DeGray!

Oh! I was just so excited to tell you all about my family's trip to Arkansas that I completely forgot to mention it at all even though I've been back since Thursday evening!!!! Of course, I didn't want to talk about us being away while we were actually away but... It was quite fun.
We left early Sunday morning and stopped in to visit family for lunch just inside Arkansas. Then drove the rest of the way down to Lake DeGray where dinner and nap awaited.
Monday we rented kayaks to explore the lake on our own. (In my book kayaks are now filed under amazingly easy to use and quite worthwhile.)
Tuesday we found out that anyone born AFTER 1985 is not allowed to drive a jetski (ie personal watercraft like skiidoo -spelling??) in Arkansas. Now anyone who knows me might remember that I was born IN 1985 and thus should have been allowed to drive but nooooooooooooooo you would be mistaken. According to the marina dudes I could not be allowed to drive one. I could ride one but not drive one. Nor could Dork. So Dork ended up riding with Mum and pulling her off of the thing several times. I rode with Dad and it was fun, but I'm sure that driving would have been even better, right?? Stupid Arkansas rules. As far as we've found from researching online, Oklahoma has no such rules. Yay! After riding jetski's we had lunch and nap, then went snorkeling around one of the little islands in the lake. The water was low in the lake and the algae was high so the snorkeling wasn't excellent but still pretty interesting.
Wednesday we headed to Hot Springs and Garvin Woodland Gardens. Pretty and hot combined to make the Gardens endurable but we were ready to leave when we got back to the air-conditioned visitor's center. Checked out the Hot Springs mall. Had lunch. Puttered around the lake resort.
Left for home early on Thursday! Yay!
Saturday we had a small family dinner at our house and Skronky came too!! Chicken-fried steak, homemade mashed potatoes, and grilled pineapple with vanilla ice cream! Yum!! I love cooking this sort of food and eating it is even better!!
My next project will be painting my bedroom, which hasn't seen a new coat of paint since we moved in several years ago. Not that it needed it since noone but me sees it daily...
Anyhoo... Love you all and Happy Summer!!! Dinner time for me now!


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