06 July 2006

Happy 4th, belatedly

Been a couple of busy days... so goes summer away toward more busy-ness to come.
Working, hanging out with the family, helping around the house, and visiting Skronky have been keeping me mucho occupido. We painted the downstairs bathroom Monday... Mum was home and decided that she wanted the wood paneling in the bathroom, as well as the doorframe and cabinent, to be white. So we worked on it together while Dork and Daddy put together a little vinyl shed in the back yard. Both look pretty darn great in my opinion. The cabinent doors have yet to be completely finished but beyond that we did a lovely job!
Driving to work Monday evening (I pulled the night shift and following day shift into the 4th of July) I got to see a dozen or so sets of fireworks going off along the highway. I think that's one of the really nice things about living in Oklahoma, you get to see magical things like stars and fireworks for free. And other than the fact that fireworks can be dangerous, I think they're pretty awesome, beautiful to watch. Much like stars come to think of it...
Still in a crafting sort of mood but I guess that just means my brain is bored and that I should study to occupy my little mind so it doesn't wander off. Been visiting craftster.org to get ideas and such to keep me busy but haven't tried anything yet. Still have a bunch of patterns to work on but haven't done more than one skirt with Mum. Oh well, plenty of time for that later I suppose.
Library today to restock my reading collection with more junk books that won't put me straight to sleep. Why is it that the stupidest ones are the ones that I can stay awake through the best? I can still make it through the tougher stuff but have to take more breaks.
Julia's birthday is Friday! Small party down at the house, if anyone is interested let me know!
Anyway, love to all and best wishes!


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