19 May 2006

A summer update I needed to do

After a week full of work (6 shifts for anyone who's counting) I have to say that no matter how bad you think your life is, if you can read my post right now without help then you actually have it really good and it, ie life, could be a lot worse. I could give specific examples even but there are rules so I shouldn't and won't. But be thankful and remember to pray for those need help because we all need help sometime. No, I'm not going to start singing the Lean on Me song... yet.
Grades came out this week. I made 3 A's (Botany, psych, and computers), 2 B's (genetics and speaking), and an S (which is passing in wall climbing) raising my overall GPA from a 3.38 to a 3.43!!! Isn't that nice??? And I now have 106 hours to my name, er, transcript. Woohoo!!! Yay for my last easy semester!!!
Got a speeding ticket earlier this week. I deserved it but since I was nice and very polite the whole time, the officer gave me enough of a break so that it won't go on my record (still fulfilling the job requirement and, oh, I did still have to pay for my lapse in judgement but that was very nice, don't you think?) So if anyone gets a ticket in OKC I can tell you how to get lost enough downtown to eventually find the courthouse. Say "Hi" to the security guard there for me (we had a nice chat about his niece (or daughter?) who also works at a hospital -> I was wearing my scrubs when I went to pay my ticket).
I practiced driving my brother's standard Wednesday after work... Then Mum's today to the post office... Always a pleasure to bring a smile to my fellow driver's faces when they see me bucking the car at intersections until I have to wave them on while Mum and I recover from laughing our heads off. Really need to practice more but it's so embarrassing to do in town where I probably know at least half the people who pass by and laugh.
Dork's school play went really well. He did a great job and we were/are very proud of him. Love you Babe and keep up the good work!
Just a blob of questions I've been thinking about... How can each of us, being an individual, be so many things to so many people and still have time to be ourselves? Is that something one learns overtime or has to be born with? Does it have to be that way, ie why can't everyone see the person each of us is inside while still loving us the way they do already? Is it just each person's ego getting in the way of true understanding of the very core of how each of us fundamentally is? Why do people have such a broad range of policy on how to handle situations? Is it nature or nurture that determines when I blow up in a screaming fume versus when I melt down crying my blue eyes out? How do some people ride an insanely calm wave of emotion while others fluxuate so enormously? How can we all think we're such individuals and yet allow ourselves to be so degradingly conforming at every turn? Who makes sets the bar for what is modest and what is just barely over the line into not? How can nine people in a room be freezing and that one other person be broiling alive in a modern age when all indoor temperature is regulated by machines and luxury? Why is it that everytime I need a battery that all the other sizes are present but the very one I need? Same with light bulbs, shoes, and sewing machine needles. When did all of my elementary and HS friends change so much and why didn't I too? Whatever happened to the boy I played with when I was a little girl (before kindergarten?) and why is it that the only memory I have of his grandmother is her giving me lemonhead candies??
Love and smiles to everyone as I wish you a Happy Summer!!!


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