01 May 2006

Weekend Recount

Have you been outside yet this morning? It's SO pretty and nice out!!!!! The sun is shining and the weather is perfect! Why waste this sort of day on going to classes? (Oh yeah, because it's "dead week". What a joke! Has anyone ever had a real dead week? The closest I've ever gotten was my first semester of freshman year and even then it wasn't really. Craziness.)
Weekend was great here in the big N. Dork came to visit Friday despite the rain. We had planned to go to the Sanctus Real concert for the Brothers Under Christ party on the dorms' lawn but the rain was way too hard to sit outside for music. We made do and had some fun anyway. Again, I have to recommend a Tiger Woods Ya'll sno cone to anyone who likes sno cones! (In case you wonder, it's a mix of Silver Fox and Tiger's Blood.) Saturday was nice and slow. Got some homework done and found a great present for Mel & Adam. Julia had some friends over from HS and they were certainly entertaining. Ran up to botany lab first thing Sunday to finish and turn in my plant collection. I am SO glad that's done. Then off to W-ford for Mel & Adam's wedding shower. A great time was had by all and it was really nice getting to see some friends from HS and even earlier in my childhood. They did get the most doubles of presents that I've ever seen at one wedding shower: 2 waffle makers, 2 blenders, 2 crockpots, 2 endtables with lamp attached, 2 toasters (which is like a law. You MUST get at least 2 toasters or you cannot get married), and 2 sets of towels. I'm proud to say that our, Julia's and mine, gift was unique and they seemed to like it so Happy dance time!!!! Yay! On the way back from W-ford we stopped in to visit my parents and, of course, Loki. Played with the little cutie for a while and enjoyed a wonderful dinner while he took a nap. Thanks Mum and Dad!
This morning we started lead climbing. I didn't get a chance to try it so I might go for it after our final on Wednesday. This is one of my classes that I wish wasn't ending just yet...
I'll try to get around to posting some pictures tonight of Mel's shower. I'm sleepy already so it might not happen until after a nap... Happy Monday!!!!


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