12 April 2006

Long post; Anti-banana

Seems like forever....
Big Event went really well Saturday! We, my group of ALD folks, headed off to the Food Bank warehouse near the airport to help clean, label, box, and stack huge pallets of canned goods. I don't think I've been so busy in quite a while. I pretty much looked like I had the shortest attention span ever since I kept switching jobs to fill in wherever anyone needed help thus I ended up doing pretty much every one of the jobs there related to the can stuff that they'd let us do. It was so much fun, I really should look into volunteering more often. I can make time for stuff like that, right?
When I got back from Big Event I showered and not long after I was dressed Julia came home with Gavin, Dani's little boy, to babysit and Jenna got her acceptance letter to Nursing. Of course, we had to celebrate a little so we made a poster to put in the front yard!!! ("3 for 3 the Future of Healthcare!!!" Plus, of course, our names and respective colleges of health-ness) [also congrats to Lindsay for Nursing and all of our other healthy-folks for getting accepted everywhere! Can you believe we finally convinced them all that we're as awesome as we so obviously are???] Gavin stayed the rest of the evening, keeping us entertained with his shananagans until way after his (and our) bedtime. Sunday I had work all day so that was fun. Had two patients so I chilled out in the hall between rooms chatting with everyone who mistakenly thought they wanted to walk by (muhahahahahaha!). It's a good thing I was in the hall too since I probably would have dozed off had I been in either room singly - they both slept a lot which meant I would have had a ton of downtime if there hadn't been two of them. I was so ready for bed when I finally got home! (side note: the cafeteria soup with my own added nicety of a mini bag of fritos ROCKS! It's my new cafeteria favorite!!!)
Monday was longish. My climbing teacher sprung the news on us that we'd be starting lead climbing Wednesday... but then only the experienced climbers could make it through the medium she decided we had to conquer before we could lead which meant that only 2 of our class would be leading while the rest of us watched. So... that's been pushed back at least a week. (My belay partner made it through that medium this morning but he's the only one of us newbies to make it yet. I'm pretty close and so is another guy... the instructor said when we two make it up then the class will lead so it's pretty much dependent on how long it takes me to work up to it since I think the guy has it really close... we're both stuck on the same place but for different reasons, mine being lack of height and his lack of footwork. Good times)
Genetics was snoozeville; botany just a key out test that took me half and hour to do just 4 specimens. Yesterday, Tuesday, no classes since speech was canceled so professor could go to an out of state interview. Puttered around and got laundry done. Then went with Mel V and Julia bridesmaid dress shopping in OKC. So funny. Lots of cute stuff out there (well, and lots of hideous too) but my dress is totally wonderful!!! (OH And Mel's is sooooo gorgeous!!! She's going to look like a fairytale princess!!! Man, I wish I had a pic of it to post because it's worth celebrating on its own! I'll look and see if I can find it somewhere online later...) One of the places we went, the moment we walked in the woman working there seemed annoyed with us. Thank goodness we didn't go on just first impressions (I know I was ready to turn around and walk out since dealing with rude people isn't something I cherish especially when doing shopping of this nature. Pretty sure Jul and Mel agreed on that too) since she was able to get over herself and really help us out. We weren't asking for much and certainly not more than the business advertises that it supplys. Guess she was having a bad day? But YAY for WONDERFUL DRESSES!!!!! (The most ironic part is that it's the same dress-style that Julia is wearing in her sister's wedding in June, just a different color!! How funny is that??)
After that adventure, we headed back to headquarters for some Gilmore Girls and Sonic food lovin'. Drama interupted but thank goodness it wasn't knocking for me (Sorry darlin', hope it's better soon! You don't deserve that kind of crap at all. Even if you are anti-banana. I'll help you devise a master plan for making it rain on her everyday or something like that!!!! WOOO)
Then Cory came over and we all had fun watching "Secret Window" with the ever-popular Johnny Depp. What a nice day Tuesday was!!!
This morning just climbing class so far... ran into an old classmate from ER on the way back from climbing. We've been going to school together since fifth grade and most of the same classes all through HS. Hadn't seen him since early freshman year here though. Guess he's heading off for a year in Japan next year with the study abroad program. Sounds pretty awesome to me; lots of fun anyway. Good luck!
Okay, well off to genetics. Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!!


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