07 April 2006

There must be an angel with a smile on her face...

Wish me luck on Genetics test today! I think it's going to be mostly definitions so maybe I'll do alright?
Cheers to Champagne Thursdays ala "Failure to Launch" even when I can't participate!
"But I'm still dancing with you..." Gotta love country songs...
This week has been good.
Thursday went to see "Take the Lead" with Julia; I highly recommend it! I should have skipped my speech class earlier in the day though because there was nothing I needed to be there for other than attendance. I hate days like that. I know, I know; The rest of my classmates were there to hear me speak Tuesday so I should be there to support them but honestly, my being there doesn't really inspire or help anyone. Just take up space and get sprinkled on by the strange weather.
Life is so funny. Out of the blue Dawn's brother called me just to "catch up"? [And Julia I really think the number is only at 2 not 3 but you're entitled to your own opinion as always.] Another thing that strikes me as funny: a good friend of mine got a tad upset at Julia and I for talking to their 'the Ex' on the bus... Julia was totally innocent but I'm not since I actually sat by 'the Ex' and chatted about the weather and chocolate-covered potato chips (do such things exist?? I want to know...). Oh well, I guess I understand... break-ups are hard no matter how you approach it. Funny number three: the library wasn't as empty at just past midnight on Thursday night/Friday morning as I would have expected. I even got a nod from the desk person when I came in to study. But apparently making noise of ANY sort at the tables in the general area is DISCOURAGED!!!!! I had to pull back the chair to sit down and elicited glares from five people at other tables because the chair, like all the chairs there do, made a terrible screetchy sound. Don't even think about opening the velcro part of your backpack because that will earn you either banishment or at least the cold shoulder and hate glares of death!!!!
Good times.
Sleepy time now. I know I'm crazy for posting this late but I was so wired from studying that I needed time to wind down a bit. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


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