30 April 2005


I made a quiz on QuizYourFriends.com. Go check it out. It's pretty easy.

28 April 2005

I don't get it...

Things I don't understand. This is going to be a long, never-completed list. Just because. That is the type of mood I am in. Dazed and Confused. Thus...
Things I don't understand:

  • Why it's okay for guys to call me names like 'baby', 'doll', 'babe', 'hon', and 'sweetheart' when they hardly know me and probably just can't remember my name.
  • Where our spoon went. The best cooking spoon is gone. We don't know where or why. We've looked everywhere. If you or someone you know has information concerning its present whereabouts please contact me. Us. Someone. Please?
  • Why I always misspell my own name when I type it. Nothing doing but I end up with mistry. Every time. I might as well change my name.
  • How the squirrels on campus can be so cute yet so evil. It's mind-boggling.
  • Why people feel the need to walk in huge groups that take up entire sidewalks on campus. Did none of you learn the importance of traveling in a line? En masse is so passe. (Incidentally, pass, i.e. by them, is what I would have liked to do but could not.)
  • Why my bike won't stay fixed.
  • Why our door picks and chooses when to open and specifically whom it will open for.
  • Why my toothbrush has a pink handle. I thought it was light blue?
  • Why anyone would make candy that does not contain chocolate.
  • Why one of my roommates doesn't like chocolate cake but decrees that chocolate icing is just fine.
  • Why the Lloyd Noble buses like to travel in packs in the middle of the afternoon. You sit and wait for about 15 minutes then suddenly there are 2 or 3 ready and willing to take you to your vehicle. Spacing out makes them lonely.
  • What boys are thinking when they make sexist remarks about other girls while they're talking to me. Do they not realize that I too am female and saying that, "oh, chicks just aren't good at math/science/driving/thinking etc" just might not be very flattering to your listener?
  • Why our doormat is always dirty. I've picked it up and dumped off all the garden mulch stuff and it is just as dirty the next time I walk out the door.
  • Why our apartment complex management has decided to put up stop signs in the STUPIDEST places.
  • Why my work makes employees pay to park in the garage there.
  • Why the boys upstairs keep falling down and laughing. Really, it's not that funny after the nine hundredth time is it?
  • How we go through a pitcher of Kool aide so quickly. It's insane.
  • How Carl can sneak up on me and scare the bejeese outta me. He's freakin' huge and unmissable. How does this happen?
  • How I can go a couple of weeks without talking to Dawn and still know what's going on.
  • How no matter what time I call Dork on his phone he never answers but every time I call the house looking for Mum or Dad he picks it up. Like he lives there or something.
  • How my hair never considers what I want it to do. It just picks and sticks with that choice. I have to live with it because there is no changing the way it is once it has decided.
  • Why my phone hates me. It laughs to see me stand on my dresser or go all the way outside just so I can talk. Evil bugger.
  • How one week can seem like an entire month.
  • How I'm always ahead in lab until the very end then end up being the last to leave.
  • Where my ambition went.
  • Why when you go to sell back text books they always give you like 5% back of what you paid for the darn thing originally. Not like I got THAT much use out of it.
  • Why does your leg/arm/hand "go to sleep"? I don't understand mechanistically how that works... And I would like to...
  • How I can be so clumsy after 7 years of gymnastics, >4 years of dance training, and absolutely no alcoholic beverages.
  • How toenail polish can last so long and still look pretty good. I'm not complaining, just wondering.
  • Who decided to size bras with letter sizes. Wouldn't actual numbers be a better idea?
  • Who named enzymes. Couldn't they think of more creative names or at least ones that make some semblance of reason?

That's all for now. I'm tired. Until next time, Bailiff, I'll be in my chambers.

"Women have the feeling that since they didn't make the rules, the rules have nothing to do with them." -Diane Johnson

27 April 2005

Crazy dream...

Weird, funny dream:
I'm walking around my parent's house when all of a sudden the next room I walk into is in a church and there are a bunch of people gathered, all dressed beautifully. I'm starting to wonder what is happening here when I look down and see that I am now dressed in an all-black men's tuxedo compete with little tie thing and flower in the buttonhole. Now I'm really confused. I look up and there's my mum. I ask what's going on to which she responds by laughing. "It's your wedding silly! Why are you acting so funny?" This is bad, this is bad!?!?! Who am I marrying?!?!?!? I can't seem to remember agreeing to that!!! So I walk up to the front and there are my brother and some fellow waiting. Then Melissa V. walks up dressed just like I am and somehow I figure out that she's marrying my little brother! Whoa! I didn't even think they knew each other! So they're all about to start the double wedding while I'm freaking out. I go ahead and walk the rest of the way up the aisle to find out who this guy is that I'm apparently supposed to marry. Turns out I know him, but marry him right now? NO! So I grab him by the arm and lead him to a closet convientantly placed just next to the rector's pulpit. "Listen, I don't think this is such a great idea." "WHAT? You don't like me?" At this point he turns and runs down a flight of stairs. I stay long enough to watch Mel and Dork get married, which they do very, very quickly, then run after him. I find him in the lobby in a van minus his wedding garb, ie he's in his undershirt and boxers. And I am very freaked out. He hollars to me to come over and we talk for a little while about how we didn't get married. Then I go back upstairs to talk to Mel. Mum is there and very happy about everything. Mel and Dork are happy too. Dork is wearing a wedding band which made me cry, though I have no idea why. Then I promise to tell Mel everything weird that Dork does. That's about when I woke up.
WEIRD!!!!!! Now off to school!

26 April 2005

Justin Matisse, You Stink!

I hadn't realized it's been since last Friday that I wrote... Been terribly busy. Played tennis with Dork again Saturday late. Worked Sunday. Patient honestly didn't need me there so I studied and just tried to stay awake. (He was a little grumpy though since he didn't want the TV on even without sound. I went along with it since, hey, it is his room and he's stuck here for far longer than I will be.) Got back to Norman and tried to study but was just so tired that I had to nap. You know those naps that you plan to have last about 20 minutes? Well that was how this one started out. I woke up 4 hours later. So, yeah I got so much accomplished. Ate some dinner, went back to bed, and slept until the normal getting-up time. I am such a bum. (Hope I'm not getting sick?!?)
Oh wow. I just remembered. I visited Grandmum Saturday with Dork in tow. She is hilarious as always... Telling us about her adventure with my grandad to his late brother's house in a not so nice part of OKC. Apparently there are many "working girls" that live/work around there and they decided to be out in full force the afternoon my Grandmum was in the area. She was so shocked and tried to call them polite names but finally broke down and said prostitutes. Then she discussed how two of them were fighting, thinking one must have taken the other's "trick". I was laughing so hard at this point that I don't remember much of what she said after that. My Grandmum. Talking about Ho's. (Is that grammatically correct? I use that word so infrequently that I have no idea.)
Classes are kicking my tush. I'm at the point where I'm hoping for B's at the best and C's at the worst. I don't honestly think there will be a single A but that would be quite nice. Anyhoo... Who cares about that?
I guess I should get back to getting ready for class. I'm supposed to be in lab/class for 7 hours straight today. Yuck. And even though my shows are tonight I think I'm going to have to skip them for studying. Oh well. Maybe I'll come out a better person. A better person with advanced knowledge in the field of organic chemistry. What a goal. What an ideal. (Please excuse me while I laugh myself silly.)
Ok, bye! Have a happy Tuesday!
"Plant carrots in January and you’ll never have to eat carrots." –Anonymous

22 April 2005


I am home.

I love being home.

Such a lovely place, such a nice feeling. The roses are all blooming or about to bloom (Mum has around 60 or so rose plants in the gardens around our house). The yard is looking beautiful and the roads are familiar. The committee for making life suck has yet to remember that I live here. It's just a matter of time but I am enjoying the reprieve though being here means I watch a ton of tech tv. I've realized the trade off is fair and I don't really mind. Cat is staring at me. Meeeow!
The Dork and I went to play tennis just a couple of hours ago. I am so glad that the courts have lights and that tennis isn't terribly popular around here. We had the courts all to ourselves and it was a good thing since we use up two courts just by ourselves. That's how... good we are. Something like that. Perfect weather for tennis really.
Saw the Big Bounce tonight. It pretty much was very frustrating for me. At a few points I was ready to give up on watching to the end but then I remembered Owen Wilson was still in it and thus made the movie just a little livable. And the end was full of justice, which I appreciate.
I think I made a 'B' on that physio test I took this morning. That's what I've been doing lately, studying physio. I know all I ever wanted to know about the respiratory, immune, and urinary systems in the human body. And I'm still pretty darn good on the heart/cardiac system. The next test on my plate is Organic next week. Not looking forward to that one at all. But live and survive, right? Still no word from pharm school...
Guess that's all I wanted to say for now. Happy weekend to you all! Love and good wishes.

"There ain't no rules around here! We're trying to accomplish something!" - Thomas Edison

19 April 2005


Lovely day. Might rain; smells like it will. Paid my ticket this morning. Feels nice to be a delinquent.
If you had to pick a good day and time to randomly tear up the sidewalk in front of a busy building on campus what, pray tell, day and time would YOU pick? Because I can tell ya, today, as in Tuesday, as in a weekday, at around noon is when the lovely workers here decided to work on the main sidewalk into and out of the Physical Science building. The end of the ramp apparently needed digging up with a HUGE digger thing. No signs to let ya know you're about to walk out of the building into a hole. But it's there. All the way to China at least. I just thought it was hilarious. And random.
Mum says my miniature rose is blooming at home. I wish I could see it. Bet it's a beaut.
Pray for my mum, would you? She's taking a short trip to New Orleans for a business conference and could surely use your prayers. Conferences are boring and she'll need all the help she can get (just kidding, but 'traveling prayers' would be nice).
There's a new pope. I'm glad. Doesn't greatly effect my life directly but I'm glad none-the-less.
I'm a confused me today. Made it through labs today but other than precise and technical or mindless trivial stuff I can't think straight. Making choices with an unorganized mind seems less than smart. Oops. Guess I can't make any big choices or decisions today. Too bad...
Hope ya'll have a lovely Tuesday. Love ya!

"America's greatest strength, and its greatest weakness, is our belief in second chances, our belief that we can always start over, that things can be made better." -Anthony Walton

18 April 2005

Moved from xanga

Is it bad that I know what E.coli smells like when cultured on a TSA plate? Is it even worse that I know enough to ask that question?
Getting really down about school right now. Should be studying my butt off in all classes but am feeling a bit apathetic about it so I'm not, at least not at the moment. My professers and TA's all like me pretty well so I can't blame my grades on a mean teacher. Bummer. As long as I make at least a 2.8 GPA and/or at least C's I should be alright.
My social life is going well though. Not sure if that's good or not. I know I don't look any different than I used to and I certainly don't act any differently. Wonder why I'm now a semi-hot commodity? It's the weather. Or the lack of football playing. Or the toxins in the air. It's making boys crazy. That's it. Gotta be.
Got drunk-emailed last night by one of my guy friends. Needless to say it was interesting. He IMed me today that he's glad he didn't drunk dial me but he didn't mention the email so I'm not entirely sure he remembers/knows about it. So I'll just laugh about it and make fun of him in my own little mind. Muhahahaha...
Nothing much to say. Just don't want to study. Bluh. Happy Monday ya'll!

Monday again

"You are an obsession, You're my obsession. Who do you want me to be...?" I've had that song stuck in my head most of the morning. Who knows why? I don't really even like that song, it's just very catchy. Craziness....
There was a very tame squirrel outside of my physio class today. He was just chillin' out in the monkey grass near the sidewalk, munching on leaves (that's what it looked like; probably wasn't what he was really eating, right?) This one cannot be part of the squirrel rebellion squad. He just seemed much too nice for that. He had pretty, shiny eyes. HE can't be evil!
Saturday night Julia and I got bored. Thus we got Starbucks drinks, drove through the cemetery, and just randomly cruised around Norman. Got back here to eventually watch "Hope Floats". Very nice. Worked Sunday morning. My poor patient, who was very confused, told me he thought he had died and was in Purgatory. Made me think a lot after he fell back asleep. What if this life is our own personal Purgatory? Oooh! Or what if our dreams each night are part of it, like a demo version? (I thought of that one because I've woken up with scary dreams a couple of times this week...) Anyhoo...
Funny stuff: This bunny is cute and funny!!! Julia had this classroom musical link on her livejournal... It's so funny; Wish that would happen in one of my classes sometime.
"...I'm so good. Ok, bye!" So that's it... Happy Monday!
"My life reads like the classifieds. Pages of what's for sale, what's on the auction block? Attention bidders, it's Lot 45. He's got a decent voice, he's got that crooked smile. But hold on, you haven't heard the best yet! He writes great storylines, he's got those honest eyes. So take him home for just $9.95! He'll sing the songs you like, he'll keep you warm at night. (Chorus) Back down, cash out, that's the city for ya. Break down, back out, and get what's coming to ya. When you said you were falling apart, I thought you meant you were falling apart. I'm not the type to forget about nights like this, when every single move that I make is documented, and scored for style points. The once ambitious one now holds the smoking gun. If I die in my sleep, are you still willing to be everything you promised you would be. (Chorus) Will you be the first one to tell the neighborhood papers, and all my family and friends that still care? Did you buy what I sold, did you feel what I told you? I hope that you still do. Will you promise yourself that this isn't all we've got? (Chorus)" ~~~> Classifieds ~The Academy Is...

16 April 2005


No one will go to the park with me. (sad, pouty face) I really want to go fly my kite. And it is SOOOO pretty out. Studying sucks and I am staving off that demon as long as I can.
I've been called both "baby" and "babe" this morning. And boy, do I feel special.
I have my window open and just outside 2 guys are trying to get a regular sized bike out of a little, tiny car. It's funny. I wonder how they got it in there in the first place...
I don't think I've mentioned it before but I'm going to Florida for vacation this summer. Just a couple of weeks but I think it will be fun. Something to look forward to anyway. Now I just need to find a bathingsuit...
Saw "Hotel Rwanda" yesterday at the Union with Julia. Very sad but very good movie. I would have bawled through most of the movie if they hadn't added funny bits every now and then. But I would highly recommend it to anyone who asked.
Guess I'm back to either starting studying... or maybe I'll call everyone who's number I have and see if they'll go to the park with me... who knows? Happy Weekend!
"Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height
Let's go fly a kite
And send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let's go fly a kite!" ~From Mary Poppins

12 April 2005

Quit breathing so loud!!!

Been uber busy. Thus the lack of post-age-ness. Eh. I am perpetually tired and think it will soon become the norm. College life does that to a girl. Fun times.
It's just not proper that when I have a ton to say I have no time to say it and now that I have a smidge of time to talk I can't think of a single thing that I actually want to soliloquize on. And that is truly sad...
You know I dyed my hair black a while back, right? Well, it's mostly gone but my tresses remain a slightly darker color than I formerly noticed. My hair appears to be a sort of coffee color now. I have to wonder if the split ends contribute to the persistence of tint or not. One of those questions that make you think. Hard. And deeply. And then deny that you ever really thought about it in the first place.
I'm listening to my new the Neighborhood EP. Me likes. They totally rock and I'm not just saying that because I happen to know the band members and am of the personal opinion that they are very nice looking/sounding fellows. (Who dance funnily when no one is watching...)

Is being called a "Doll" a nice thing? I don't remember if that's good... As in "You're such a doll." If taken literally that could be slightly offending. Or just mildly amusing. Guess that's just me...
I stayed up VERY late last night writing a lab report. By the time I was nearing the end I got silly and the intro & ending paragraphs were no where near college report level material. They might have made it as high-end children's sedatives but not as part of a college paper. I actually considered turning them in unchanged to see if my lab TA has a sense of humor but... Not in a grade bracket that can risk being unfunny.
Speaking of lab, we did a respiratory lab today in physio wherein one of our group members had to breathe different ways according to the manual. At one point though, Britney, the other girl in my group, freaked out and told him to stop breathing loud. He was supposed to be breathing really fast, like he was hyperventalating and it was indeed hilarious. She was freaking out and he was trying not to laugh. I admit I wasn't much help since I was practically in the floor, laughing so hard that my sides hurt and I couldn't unsquint my eyes, that's how hard I was laughing. Crikey.
The weather is so, so, so very pretty today. I should go fly a kite...
"You'll ride a black tornado 'cross the western sky,
Rope an ol' blue northern and milk it till it's dry,
Bulldog the Mississippi, pin its ears down flat,
Long before you'll take this cowboy's hat" ~ Chris LeDoux

Sick Note

I text-paged my mum asking for a sick note to keep me from having to go to class (just jokingly of course) and this is what I recieved back this afternoon:

To Whom it May Concern (even if that concern is only barely existent):

Please excuse Misty from any excitation, conversation,transportation, anarchist nation, derivation, insinuation, strong libation, experimentation (such as in lab), conscious sedation, or militarization. She has been very very very ill, practically lifeless, every organ is affected: stuffy nose, cough when attempted, pale skin, dry hair, stinky feet, hard nails, croup, hoof-and-mouth complications, leprosy, anaphalactic snoring --- she is caught in a virtual downward spiral, circling the drain and unable to perform even the most simple acts of leather-clad biker service (fetching beer, gassing up the HOG, lighting cigarettes, etc). Remaining breaths are but a few, organ donation organizations are on stand-by, a long black sedan is parked outside her apartment, and her brother has called dibs on all electronic possessions.

With utmost sadness and despair,
Misty Dawn's mother

(For a simple token of this event, please send $25.00 and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the attached address - a momento retrieved from the subject's vehicle and/or personal effects will be sent via UPS - Hurry! Only limited supplies are available!!!)

08 April 2005

Friends Rock

Okay here are those pics from the Big Event that I promised... -->
My Mbio test this morning was pretty hard but I made at least a high C so I suppose I'm happy with that. Today was Mom's Day here at OU and everyone's supposed to bring their mom to class. Mine had to work but I'll make her come with me sometime just for kicks. Wouldn't have been much fun for her anyway since we had a test in MBIO,
long boring notes in Chem, and a group exercise over respiration in physio. That's my day! Woohoo!
But I have a secret!!! Today is still wonderful!!!! (that's my secret!) The weather is nice, people are nice, and life is great! I love my wonderful friends. They totally rock and keep me sane (well, as much as is possible). To me, one of the best feelings in life is coming out of a crummy mood by having a friend show up in your day's journey unexpectedly, just lighting up the moment and giving ya something to think on even when you've parted ways. Life is about relationships (not just the mushy ones lol) and I know I am so blessed to be surrounded by such great friends (and family of course). I honestly have no idea how I would cope with all the stresses of life and college if I didn't have such a supportive group of buddies. Probably even more drugs and alcohol than usual. lol

Well, I have to be running off to do some more busy type stuff. Take care and love to you all!
"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." ~Emerson (This one is a beautiful thought)
"Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies." - Aristotle (This particular quote makes me smile. But maybe it's not in just two bodies... it couldn't be contained in the tiny size of just two. It's like a blanket, perhaps?)

07 April 2005

Manic Monday, er, Thursday

Golly I have tons to say and no time to say it... Been so busy this week, running around like a crazy person! Mostly just letting all know that I'm doing alright. Having fun too.
MBio test tomorrow, work, MBio mock wound to run tests on, going home briefly for tax stuff, work again Sunday, etc... Next week is looking nice though, even if I do have 3 labs due early in the week. Yea!!!
Hope ya'll are having fun and enjoying life to the fullest! Leave me a comment or chatter!

A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks. -Charles Gordy

03 April 2005

Weekend Update

Dude, I am so tired. This is going to be a random collection of this weekend starting with Friday...
After I finished that last post I took Sharice to class... then headed to the Medieval fair with Julia, Mel L, Morgan, Alex, Katie, and some people I don't know but who know Mel. Was quite interesting and rather funny. Morgan and I made friends with a little kid who taught us how to use the tire swing properly. (Yes, we were playing on the jungle gym/playground stuff. Yes, we're both supposed to be adults.) That was such a hoot. Julia and Mel got pretty henna tattoos. (Go look at their sites; I think they have up pics.) Lots of funny people dressed up, many of them with their dogs. Left around the time the fair day was winding down.
Later most of us met up again to hang out. Ended up here at our apartment playing cards, baking cupcakes, and singing along to funny songs. ("We" in this case is Mel, Alex, Katie, Morgan, and Jessica. Plus Julia and me, of course. And Sharice after she got off work.) We had such a blast.
Saturday morning I had to get up early to go help out at the Big Event. Went well and we got a ton done. My little group with
ALD went to East Main Place, a half-way home type thing here in Norman, to do "landscaping." Were supposed to have 8 of us, ended up with 4, all girls, so when we got there they underestimated us and thought we wouldn't get much of anything done. Which is not what happened. We got all of the major goals accomplished very well and were glad to have done it. Good times... I should have a pic for this soon...
Hurried back here, jumped in the shower, and packed as quickly as I could. Mel picked Julia and I up and we headed to Stillwater. Met up with DJ, Mike, and Allison then on to
Eskimo Joe's for dinner (Jaymi and Jenny joined us there. And I saw Donnie from HS there!) Afterward walked over to the Beta house to hear The Neighborhood play. It was a very good show. DJ got Phil to sign him. lol (Saw Aspen there) Meandered to the Sigma Nu house to visit Mel's cousin and then down the street to see some of their friends from Okarche.
Back to DJ and Mike's for the night. Stephen from HS showed up since he's a friend of Jaymi's. Played card games and talked about totally random things. OHHH!
And we played with Herc and Joey. Herc is DJ's pomeranian puppy and Joey is the cat. Pretty cute when they were playing with each other. Herc is just a puppy and Joey isn't very old either so they have random wrestling matches all over the place. Herc is incredibly hard to take pictures of...

That's all I have for now... We made it home this morning without incident. Fun times. I dyed my hair purply-black. Looks rather tacky. Like the red better...
"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." -Rodin

01 April 2005

Friday Pain in the Nose

Today has been quite lovely. Beautiful weather though it's a tad cooler than yesterday was. Medieval fair is going on today and tomorrow. Which means all the fun people are out in full force making life wonderful and driving anywhere a pain in the nose.
Nothing exemplary happened this morning. Classes as usual.
I worked yesterday evening. Good times. The people at the parking office there are not the brightest you'll ever meet, if, in fact, you meet them at all. It isn't their fault that the whole idea of making your own employees pay to park to then work for you is just userous and stupid. Why else would I park there if I wasn't going to work? There isn't anything else around there to go do. And, boy, do I love just hanging out in hospitals. Sick people are the funnest. I guess their logic is, "Mehehehe... I shall make them work. And I shall make them pay to park. That will get them for drawing smiley faces on my picture in the hall..." Or something like that. I'm not entirely sure. Who knows what lurks in the minds of (managerial) men?
I don't have much to say but I feel like talking... And neither of the roomies are home, bless their hearts. (Was that a level 5, Mum?)
The theory of dead things in various orifices was not my idea. Nor was I ever in such a position myself, ie in unmentionable location and dead/dying/rotting. I wonder how heart rot is cured? Same as root rot in plants? Fascinating subject that botany stuff. If you care to elaborate on what I lied about I could offer some damage control/rectify the situation to the best of my abilities but I truly have no inkling of what you're talking about. Yet, once again, the thought comes to mind that if I treat you so horribly, as you claim, then why bother with me at all? Cut your losses and find someone more perfectly fitted to your preferences. Though I do hope you choose someone outside my circle of friends since I would hate to make you feel uncomfortable. Hope you have a wonderful day and best of luck finding that special someone!
Have my new phone but it isn't activated yet... tried earlier but the phone recording thing pretty much denied my request in a very lazy fashion, "We're sorry but your request cannot be processed at this time." Or something to that effect. But. That is not the last they'll hear from me on the matter. Hoohah!
Guess that's enough for now... ("I was trying to be historically funny. It just didn't work out...")
Have a great weekend ya'll!
Fight for your opinions, but do not believe that they contain the whole truth, or the only truth. -Charles Dana