12 April 2005

Quit breathing so loud!!!

Been uber busy. Thus the lack of post-age-ness. Eh. I am perpetually tired and think it will soon become the norm. College life does that to a girl. Fun times.
It's just not proper that when I have a ton to say I have no time to say it and now that I have a smidge of time to talk I can't think of a single thing that I actually want to soliloquize on. And that is truly sad...
You know I dyed my hair black a while back, right? Well, it's mostly gone but my tresses remain a slightly darker color than I formerly noticed. My hair appears to be a sort of coffee color now. I have to wonder if the split ends contribute to the persistence of tint or not. One of those questions that make you think. Hard. And deeply. And then deny that you ever really thought about it in the first place.
I'm listening to my new the Neighborhood EP. Me likes. They totally rock and I'm not just saying that because I happen to know the band members and am of the personal opinion that they are very nice looking/sounding fellows. (Who dance funnily when no one is watching...)

Is being called a "Doll" a nice thing? I don't remember if that's good... As in "You're such a doll." If taken literally that could be slightly offending. Or just mildly amusing. Guess that's just me...
I stayed up VERY late last night writing a lab report. By the time I was nearing the end I got silly and the intro & ending paragraphs were no where near college report level material. They might have made it as high-end children's sedatives but not as part of a college paper. I actually considered turning them in unchanged to see if my lab TA has a sense of humor but... Not in a grade bracket that can risk being unfunny.
Speaking of lab, we did a respiratory lab today in physio wherein one of our group members had to breathe different ways according to the manual. At one point though, Britney, the other girl in my group, freaked out and told him to stop breathing loud. He was supposed to be breathing really fast, like he was hyperventalating and it was indeed hilarious. She was freaking out and he was trying not to laugh. I admit I wasn't much help since I was practically in the floor, laughing so hard that my sides hurt and I couldn't unsquint my eyes, that's how hard I was laughing. Crikey.
The weather is so, so, so very pretty today. I should go fly a kite...
"You'll ride a black tornado 'cross the western sky,
Rope an ol' blue northern and milk it till it's dry,
Bulldog the Mississippi, pin its ears down flat,
Long before you'll take this cowboy's hat" ~ Chris LeDoux


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