27 March 2005

Super long post...

Happy Easter!
Wow! I've had such an interesting time since my last update on here...
Thursday afternoon/evening I studied my behind off. Took breaks pretty often to do such necessary things as work on laundry, fix dinner, talk to Mum on the phone, etc. Dinner was pretty darn wonderful if I do say so myself. (Chicken, fried rice, and green beans! WOO!)
Later around 8ish our power went off 3 times, for between 5 and 30 seconds each time. The last time was the longest which lead me to stumble into the hall with a bright little blue cell phone light pointed at me and Sharice's voice saying, "Misty??? Are you still down there???" Of course after that there was no studying for a little while as we thought the power might go off again. So we all ate some cookie dough together (we being Julia, Sharice, and I) as we talked of things not nearly relevant to studying or school. We still don't know what was going on with the power... a tad windy but nothing else.
So I finally got back to studying when FiSH calls me up and insists that I come to the KA house immediately. For his birthday party. So being the nice friend that I am (ie since I was so wretchedly tired of studying... lol) I went over for about an hour. And please don't let me be the one to tell you that even though OU has a new no tolerance alcohol policy it doesn't mean a thing to frat boys. Because (of course) they follow all rules to the letter. No vodka, beer, absinthe, rum, or various other things were even present. No siree. And they were not hazing the birthday boy or the new pledges. Because that is mean and wrong. No, no they wouldn't do that.
But they were darling and nice to me so let's forget I mentioned anything else, shall we? I got back here before 2330 hours and studied a little more.

Friday morning was the usual. That physio test was hard and evil. (I ended up with a 71% on it - After the curve! ) I played around some since I was all studied out. Talked to Sharice and Julia until Shar went to work and Jul headed home for Easter. Then I watched the first half of Interview with the Vampire. I got tired of it (I know,I know. What's wrong with me Julia?) and switched to The Notebook, which I had never seen before. It was soooo good. Such a girl movie and mushy. Made me a little misty-eyed near the end. But very good.

Worked on some Ochem stuff and picked up Sharice from work. We headed to Lloyd Noble to see our OU Gymnast Men compete in the Big 12 Championship team finals... And they won of course!!!!
We congratulated the fellows afterward and got our hugs from Josh and Brian (as well as comments from their teammates and families on our shirts. We made shirts to support our beloved friends and they were cute. Everyone
else wanted one too.)
After we left the meet I dropped off Sharice here, picked up my clothes & stuff, and went to Buzz's Subs for a little concert thing. A band I kinda know was playing and a couple of my friends from HS were coming so I really wanted to go. Ended up just missing the band but my friends were still there! We had such a blast laughing at the band that was playing last. (Gay band... would have NEVER seen them any other way since they were really over the top... Can't even begin to describe it since I've been trying to get the images out of my head since Friday... lol) Stayed for a while to chat and headed home to see the family for Easter.
(mushing Sat and Sun together...) Visited Grandmum, ran a couple miles, went to the mall, walked to park with Mum and Chaco, visited with Daddy, watched Dork play video games while I made a necklace and Mum hemmed her new dress pants. Talked to Dawn and have been promised cute pics of Marie in her little Easter dress and bonnet. She's always adorable.

Now I'm just chilling out with Sharice... Julia still hasn't shown back up yet... We might go eat at Carl's tonight. I'm just going with whatever Sharice says we're going to do (as usual. lol).
Hope ya'll have a great week and much laughter in your lives!

I look at you and I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world.-Frank O'Hara in "Having a Coke With You"


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