20 March 2005

Bleck what a welcome back...

I'm back down here. Urgh. Stupid college/learning/classes/tests, etc thing. I'm failing O chem right now. Have exactly a 59% in the class. Made a 51% on that midterm test. And I'm majorly bummed about it.
But anyway. Mum made fudge for me before I got home from work today (had to get all my stuff and didn't think making anyone else haul it was very fair) and it's gooooood! There was a little smushed-face cat sitting next to the work parking garage. Not cute but precious in its own little way. I brought my kite with me back here but neglected to remember the string to fly it with. Oh well. Good times. Had an easy day at work. No problems there. My bike is now fixed thanks to my wonderful Daddy! We, I did help, cannibalized my old bike to salvage a ball bearing set... That was all that needed replacing (well, with some lube stuff since it was so dry from disuse). Sushi is back at the apartment!!! Woo! He even has a new living situation; a lovely vase-type thing with a plant for him to hide in! Isn't that truly exciting?
Crikey. Should I start submitting applications to the fellows around here that are searching for a trophy wife or just skip that step and hang out in Florida to find a rich old guy that will kick the proverbial bucket soon? I'm kidding, of course, but I'm in a pouty mood over that stupid test. My own darn fault I did so badly but I can still curse the test, right?
I can't think of anything else to say that isn't either stupid, nonsense, or a bit sad so I'll stop here. Good night ya'll and much love.

If absolute power corrupts absolutely, does absolute powerlessness make you pure? -Harry Shearer

I was told today, in all sincerity, by the guy tech at work that I look like Rose McGowan (I had to look her up online to see who she was... She's Paige, the youngest sister witch on Charmed...) I don't really feel flattered since when I was searching to see what she looked like most of the pictures of her that I stumbled on were rather, um, immodest. Anyhoo... So I look like yet another easy girl. Is this a hint? Honestly...


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