06 March 2005

Makeup is named for nothing

Good weekend.
I had to get some more base (as in makeup stuff) and remembered various conversations with mum and friends about the names of makeup. Those makeup companies think of the most retarded names for things. My base, for example, is called "blushing ivory"which tells you nothing really. How do you know how much ivory blushes? Really, "almost as white as white-out" would have been a great name for the hue I use. A collection of other 'colors' (as in blush and eyeshadow) that I use or at least keep around include: rose mist, irish eyes, sky, snow plum, natural ivory, and natural glow. All of which get across a general color but not much beyond that. Which is funny. Julia's base is soft honey. Wouldn't know that looking at her, would you? Muhahahaha.... Other colors from CoverGirl include toasted almond, soft sable, and medium light. Which all crack me up too. Thanks Julia for the link for that one!
Saw a renegade toothbrush in the road on the South Oval Friday. Who brings a toothbrush to campus and THEN loses it? What a loser... lol
More later... Julia seems to think it's time to make dinner or something productive like that. Go figure, right? Later and much love!
When you relinquish your desire to control the future, you can have more happiness. -from The Scotsman


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