25 March 2008

Spring, sewing

I ought to know better than to post when I'm like this... No, not drunk. Just moody or whiny or something. I'm tired of trying to keep score (of grades, of work, of giving, of organizations, of time, of joy, of everything) and pass muster (whatever *that* means) and just generally live up to expectations. Which is illogical and impossible yet still dangled out there like a carrot to me, the mule. Yeeeehaaawww!
Spring break came and went. Skronky is feeling better and recovering nicely at home. I spent most of the week with m'boy and my only regret is that he does not live closer to my sewing machine. Not that that makes any sense. So I suppose no regrets then.
Accomplished quite a lot of sewing during break... 6 shirts, 1 Capri lounge pants, 1 skirt for my Goddaughter, and a summery t-shirt reconstructed dress. I've been wearing the shirts and they're lovely. The best part is when people don't even notice that they're homemade - that makes me feel like I've done them well enough that it was worth the time it took since my shirts look normal enough to miss. Odd I understand but still...
I spent an abnormal amount of time arguing with the sewing machine though. Not really its fault but it did cause me to wonder for the umteenth time if I am going crazy or just coping in my own little way. Who knows?
I am entirely sick of weddings and I haven't even had the joy of attending one yet this season. That's rude of me to say but it's true none-the-less. I extend sympathy to anyone who has to attend and/or be a member of more than 2 weddings a year. I've decided that is the tolerable limit and even then they should be spaced out, such that one is in the spring and the other wisely in the fall. Quite appropriate if everyone would just listen to me... haha...
I guess I'll just finish up by putting in pictures of a few of my sewing creations to brag about (see, keeping score again!)... Love to all and apologies for my melancholy posting.

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15 March 2008

Engaged to Schadenfreude

Yay! It's finally Spring Break!!! Aren't you thrilled?
Skronky had surgery yesterday on his arm/shoulder/pec to try to correct an injury sustained in the Judo ring at a tournament he was in 3 weeks ago. Been visiting him as much as possible since then to keep m'boy company and to make sure he's doing okay. I think he'll survive once he gets past the point where his shoulder spasms into pain for no apparent reason. That sucks tremendously it would seem. The doctor who performed the surgery said he hasn't seen many of these and that as best as he could find there are only 150 documented cases of this exact injury. Isn't my honey ambitious? Prayers for him would not be remiss...

So, school's held me captive the last few weeks but the hard work has been paying off... I pulled off a 95% on an exceptionally difficult essay and fill-in-the-blank Pharmacy Administration and Management exam (-I have yet to hear anyone else brag of a higher grade so for once I WIN!! Woohoo! That REALLY never happens for me, the doing really, really well on a test that isn't exceptionally easy from the outset.) That was followed by 72% on a terribly subjective Respiratory/Renal Module exam on asthma, a 100% on a smashingly simple exam in the elective I'm taking at the Allied Health building (having correctly assumed that their electives are easier than my college's own), and an earth shattering 82% on my Pharmacy Practice IV midterm - the only test that I can ever remember utilizing the ENTIRE time allotted to take the exam and then walking out nauseous beyond words only to stay anxious and nauseated for the next 12 hours or so. I was OVERJOYED to find out that, not only did I pass the exam, but I made a B!!!!! (I did a tiny Snoopy dance there in the Lounge at the computer to spite the cruel PharmPract world that had hurt me so in the past.)
So beyond taking way too many tests and trying to fit in all of the site visit hours we're required to complete my classmates have been getting engaged. As in, to be married happily ever after. I have no idea if there's something in the Starbuck's they're drinking or if it's viral but there are currently 12 out of 83 of my classmates engaged, 2 of them to each other (our overt class couple who are practically joined at the hip already. And I'm biased but I think my name for them is hilarious - "Kodd" -a merger of their names, Kim & Todd. As in, here comes Kodd! ). That may not seem like much to an outsider but when a new one hits each week it seems like an epidemic. We did not have anything like this happen last year, nor do the next upper classmen report such an excess of new sparkly rings in their P2 year, which truly lends to the theory that this is viral. Thank goodness that I'm immune (since I'm what my grandmum calls, with a bit of regret, "so independent").
I've been sewing this evening and last since Skronky is otherwise busy being in recovery. A couple of new shirts, both with puffed short sleeves that I drafted myself! Both from either free or very cheaply acquired material, which just rocks in my world. Am looking forward to more sewing this week...
[Foreshadowing word of the day: Schadenfreude which is pleasure in the misfortune of others]

At my site visit in an independent retail pharmacy today (where I transferred out a script for the first time ever! Woo!!!) I took a call from a customer who seemed to think that it was perfectly normal and appropriate to demand that we fill her expired script right now for her even though she was told four days ago that we couldn't fill it and that we'd fax her doctor about it to try to fix the problem. I believe that same doctor talked to her that very day, four days ago, and told her that she would have to come in for an appointment before he could write the script since she had not been in for over a year for her checkup. She refused to make an appointment with her doctor and decided to wait until today, Saturday, to call to berate the pharmacy staff about her prescription. It appears to me that she thinks we're just refusing to fill her script out of pure spite, not because to fill it would be breaking the law. We do have, after all, a magical medicine wand that we can wave about when there is a problem and *poof* the problem is magically resolved and everyone gets their medicine of choice, whatever kind they'd like, for free and without any pesky doctors, appointments, laws, or questions. We're just holding out on her to be mean, because we like to see people writhing in their medicine-less misery. (Please disregard my sarcasm. I'm still sore about her actually progressing to where she was yelling at me, indicating that I was personally responsible for her discomfort, discomfort which I later found out is likely due almost entirely to her choice of lifestyle. Go figure.)

And now away to bed to muddle through dreams that make no sense but are delightfully silly. Love to all and Happy Spring Break!!!

"For [in seeing reality] each man sees his own life defaced and disfigured, as the life of man is not to his imagination. Each man sees over his own experience a certain slime of error, whilst that of other men looks fair and ideal." - Emerson, from his
essay on Love

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