25 March 2008

Spring, sewing

I ought to know better than to post when I'm like this... No, not drunk. Just moody or whiny or something. I'm tired of trying to keep score (of grades, of work, of giving, of organizations, of time, of joy, of everything) and pass muster (whatever *that* means) and just generally live up to expectations. Which is illogical and impossible yet still dangled out there like a carrot to me, the mule. Yeeeehaaawww!
Spring break came and went. Skronky is feeling better and recovering nicely at home. I spent most of the week with m'boy and my only regret is that he does not live closer to my sewing machine. Not that that makes any sense. So I suppose no regrets then.
Accomplished quite a lot of sewing during break... 6 shirts, 1 Capri lounge pants, 1 skirt for my Goddaughter, and a summery t-shirt reconstructed dress. I've been wearing the shirts and they're lovely. The best part is when people don't even notice that they're homemade - that makes me feel like I've done them well enough that it was worth the time it took since my shirts look normal enough to miss. Odd I understand but still...
I spent an abnormal amount of time arguing with the sewing machine though. Not really its fault but it did cause me to wonder for the umteenth time if I am going crazy or just coping in my own little way. Who knows?
I am entirely sick of weddings and I haven't even had the joy of attending one yet this season. That's rude of me to say but it's true none-the-less. I extend sympathy to anyone who has to attend and/or be a member of more than 2 weddings a year. I've decided that is the tolerable limit and even then they should be spaced out, such that one is in the spring and the other wisely in the fall. Quite appropriate if everyone would just listen to me... haha...
I guess I'll just finish up by putting in pictures of a few of my sewing creations to brag about (see, keeping score again!)... Love to all and apologies for my melancholy posting.

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Anonymous Skronky adoringly said...

Looking good babe! I especially enjoy the striped shirt.

12:58 PM  

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